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Title Section Sub Category Author Dealer Lived Publication
Trading with theEnemy': Letters between Leo S. Olschki and Aby Warburg 1915 2018-02
Erasmus in the Isle of Man Nicholas Poole-Wilson 2018-02
A Binding by Edwards of Halifax for Elizabeth Ingilby c.1780, English & Foreign Mirjam Foot 2018-03
A Sixteenth-Century Netherlandish Binding: English & Foreign Bookbindings Pt 134 Karen Limper-Herz 2018-02
The Library at Gunby Hall: National Trust Libraries Pt 9 Mark Purcell 2018-02
Extraterrestrial Gentry: Burke's Science Fiction List Paul McGrane 2018-02
Roger Treglown: The Markham Interviews (New Series) 21 Sheila Markham 2018-02
Change of Addresses: Funeral and Memorial Service Orations, Contemporary Collectors Pt 71 John Byrne 2018-02
The Dorothy L. Sayers Society: Author Societies Pt 37 James Fergusson 2018-02
Kenneth Hince 1926-2018 2020-01
An Uncommon Reader James Fergusson 2018-02
Ian Jackson 1951-2018 2018-02
Société des Bibliophiles et Iconophiles Belges Exhibitions 1967-04
Lion and Fox: Art and Literary Works of Wyndham Lewis Exhibitions 2009-03
The Book Beautiful: William Morris, Hilary Pepler and the Private Press Story Exhibitions 2016-04
Henry VIII: Man & Monarch Exhibitions 2009-03
Duke Humfrey's Library & The Divinity School, 1488-1988 Exhibitions 1988-04
Writing Poetry: Manuscript Verse, 250 BC to 2000 AD Exhibitions 2004-02
Books from the Age of Bede Exhibitions 1979-04
The Triumph of Flemish Manuscript Painting in Europe Exhibitions 2004-01
Printing & the Brain of Man: the 16th-Century Brain Exhibitions 2011-02
A History of Italian-Language American Imprints, 1830-45 Exhibitions 2012-04
T.S. Eliot the Publisher Exhibitions 2009-04
Magnificent Maps: Power, Propaganda and Art Exhibitions 2010-03
Goethe and France Exhibitions 2017-02
Illuminating the Renaissance Exhibitions 2004-01
Elizabeth I: Ruler and Legend Exhibitions 2003-02
Cambridge Illuminations Exhibitions 2005-04
The Yeats Family and the Book Circa 1900 Exhibitions 2000-02
Randolph Caldecott Exhibitions 1988-01
Aldus Manutius Exhibitions 2016-01
The Art of Holy Russia, 1400-1600 Exhibitions 1998-02
Martin Luther Exhibitions 1984-02
Altered States: Sex, Drugs and Transcendence... (Houghton Library Exhibitions 2017-03
Jacob M. Lowy Collection of Hebraica Exhibitions 1982-02
Fame, Fortune & Theft: The Shakespeare First Folio Exhibitions 2011-03
Children's Sports and Pastimes Exhibitions 2006-01
Twelve Soldier Poets of the First World War Exhibitions 2003-01
Romantic Gardens: Nature Art and Landscape Design Exhibitions 2010-03
Animal Farm, 1984 Exhibitions 1984-04

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