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Title Section Sub Category Author Dealer Publication
Printing and the Mind of Man Exhibitions 1974-03
A Rakish History of Men's Wear Exhibitions 2006-04
Tally Ho! 400 Years of Foxhunting Exhibitions 1976-02
Manchester's Literary Heritage Exhibitions 1993-02
John Ruskin: La Pietra di Venezia Exhibitions 2018-03
The Collection of Kerry Stokes Exhibitions 2017-02
Ilya Zdanevitch Exhibitions 1984-04
Embossed Literature for Blind People in the 19th Century Exhibitions 2014-01
Carrington Exhibitions 1995-04
Theater and Anti-Theater in the 18th Century Exhibitions 2001-02
Ray Safford, Rare Bookman Exhibitions 2012-03
Alexandrie la Divine Exhibitions 2014-02
The Battle of the Somme Exhibitions 1996-03
'Voice and Vote: Women's Place in Parliament' Exhibitions 2018-02
Masterpieces from the Bodleian Libraries Exhibitions 2015-03
James Swan, Cha-tic of the Northwest Coast Exhibitions 2003-03
Festival of Maps Exhibitions 2007-04
Christmas Cards Exhibitions 2003-01
Ulysses Exhibitions 2004-02
Romanus et Graecorum Studiosus Exhibitions 1996-02
Aquinas to Atwood: the University of Toronto Library Exhibitions 2004-02
The Enchantress: Emma, Lady Hamilton Exhibitions 2011-02
Modernism and the Orient Exhibitions 1996-04
La Vita nei Libri Exhibitions 2003-03
From Boer War to Uhuru Exhibitions 2000-01
Creating America Exhibitions 1992-04
Voices of Scotland Exhibitions 1993-02
Shakespeare in American Life Exhibitions 2007-02
Bank of Scotland and Scottish Banking 1695-1995 Exhibitions 1995-03
The Library of Duke August of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel Exhibitions 1999-02
Nihil Obstat Exhibitions 2005-02
Leipzig University Library Exhibitions 2009-04
Gott ist selber Recht Exhibitions 1993-01
Derek Walcott at Toronto Exhibitions 2012-01
William and Helen Allingham Exhibitions 2015-04
Bibliophilia Scholastica Floreat: Fifty Years of Rare Books Exhibitions 2006-02
The Real Van Gogh: the Artist and his Letters Exhibitions 2010-02
Past Present at Getty Research Exhibitions 2005-02
Paul Mellon's Legacy: a Passion for British Art Exhibitions 2008-01
You are Here: the Making and Interpretation of Maps Exhibitions 2017-01

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