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Title Section Sub Category Author Dealer Publication
Leonard Baskin Exhibitions 1993-01
Great American Book Collectors to 1800 Exhibitions 1971-04
Des Couleurs et du Papier Exhibitions 2013-03
William Blake: 'A New Heaven is Begun' Exhibitions 2009-04
Bibliotheca Wittockiana: Decorated Bookbindings Exhibitions 1966-04
The Recovery of the Classic and...Learning in the West Exhibitions 1985-02
Yo Ho Ho!: An Exhibition of Nautical Books and Prints at the Book Club of California Exhibitions 2018-04
Birds in Books Exhibitions 1974-02
The Reformation of the Bible: Bible of the Refomation Exhibitions 1996-04
Paul Sandby: Picturing Britain Exhibitions 2010-02
Colour: the Art and Science of Illuminated Manuscripts Exhibitions 2017-01
400 Years of Collecting: The Bodleian Library 1602-2002 Exhibitions 2002-04
St Petersburg: Window on the East, Window on the West Exhibitions 2003-04
Living and Reliving the Icelandic Sagas Exhibitions 2000-04
Harry Potter: a History of Magic Exhibitions 2018-01
Edward Ardizzone Exhibitions 2016-04
Historical Ephemera in the Workplace, Street, and Home Exhibitions 2014-01
Early Children's Books in the Bodleian Exhibitions 1996-01
Yugoslavia Exhibitions 1955-02
Boston Collects: the Bicentennial of the Boston Athenaeum Exhibitions 2007-04
The Wagners of Ulm Exhibitions 1980-03
Printing in India Exhibitions 1979-01
A Sampler: 175 Years of Collecting American History Exhibitions 1988-01
Teaching America to Draw: Instruction Manuals 1794-1925 Exhibitions 2006-03
Mantegna, Paintings and Engravings Exhibitions 1992-01
The Magic of Handwriting Exhibitions 2018-03
Images of New York City Wildlife Exhibitions 2002-04
Engelbert Kämpfer Exhibitions 1992-03
Cartoons & Coronets: the Genius of Osbert Lancaster Exhibitions 2008-04
There's Nuffin like a Puffin Exhibitions 2010-04
Read Me a Story, Show Me a Book: Betsy Shirley Exhibitions 1992-01
Alice in Wonderland Exhibitions 2011-04
'Berthold Wolpe: the Total Man' Exhibitions 2018-02
The Bible in the 12th Century Exhibitions 1990-02
Lawrence of Oxford Exhibitions 2019-01
Matthia Buchinger's Drawings Owned by Ricky Jay Exhibitions 2016-02
Jekyll or Hyde Exhibitions 1994-02
Fine Printed Books, 1900-1999 Exhibitions 1999-04
Churchill: the Power of Words Exhibitions 2015-01
Ulysses Exhibitions 2000-03

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