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Title Section Sub Category Author Dealer Publication
Maurice Sendak Exhibitions 2008-03
Repton Revealed: the Art of Landscape Gardening Exhibitions 2019-01
Jewels from...the Library Company of Philadelphia Exhibitions 1967-02
First Impressions Exhibitions 1990-01
Churchill: the Power of Words Exhibitions 2012-02
US Independence: a Literary Panorama, 1770-1850 Exhibitions 1976-02
Rosenbach Redux: Further Book Adventures Exhibitions 1990-01
Armenia Exhibitions 2016-01
The European Conquest of the Oceans, 1450 to 1840 Exhibitions 2003-03
Monuments of Printing Exhibitions 2013-04
Lambeth Palace Library and its Anglo-Saxon MSS Exhibitions 2008-04
Gaslight: Sherlock Holmes in the Lilly Library Exhibitions 2000-03
D.H. Lawrence Exhibitions 1986-02
W.H. Auden Exhibitions 1981-01
Shelley and His Circle Exhibitions 1992-03
Beardsley and the Book Illustrators Exhibitions 2010-04
The Lost Prince: The Life and Death of Henry Stuart Exhibitions 2012-04
NRF Exhibitions 2009-02
Les Fastes du Gothique Exhibitions 1982-02
Gutenberg and the Genesis of Printing Exhibitions 1994-01
Design Movement & Children's Books, 1880-1910 Exhibitions 1993-03
William James, 1842-1910 Exhibitions 2010-04
Blake: William Blake and his Contemporaries Exhibitions 2008-01
The Last Tsar: Blood and Revolution Exhibitions 2018-04
The Representation of Fireworks in Early Modern Europe Exhibitions 1998-02
Picturing Africa: Illustrating Livingstone's Travels Exhibitions 2013-03
500 Years of the Art of the Book in Ireland Exhibitions 1997-01
Stanley Morison: a Portrait Exhibitions 1971-01
Livres d'Enfants, Livres d'Images Exhibitions 1990-04
Les Routes de la Traduction Exhibitions 2018-01
Hollywood Glamour Portraits...the Robert Dance Collection Exhibitions 2011-04
Early Images of Asia Exhibitions 1984-03
Boswell: the Bicentenary of the Life of Johnson Exhibitions 1991-04
The Winterthur Library Revealed Exhibitions 2004-01
Printmaking in the Service of Botany Exhibitions 1987-01
A Woman's Wit: Jane Austen's Life and Legacy Exhibitions 2010-02
Ten Years of Collecting [at Texas A&M] Exhibitions 2009-03
Manuscripts from the Collection of L.J. Schoenberg Exhibitions 2001-03
Tolkien: Maker of Middle-Earth Exhibitions 2018-03
Imprimeurs, Editeurs et Lecteurs Humanistes Exhibitions 2009-03

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