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Connections Pt 1: 'Seven for a Secret' Articles Mary Crawford 2019-03
A Binding by Rose Adler and André Jeanne, 1931 Articles Mirjam M. Foot 2019-03
Bookbindings, English & Foreign Bookbindings Pt 139 (Rose Adler 1931) Articles Mirjam M. Foot 2019-03
A Binding Made in Bologna c. 1550 Articles Mirjam M. Foot 2020-03
A Binding by Germaine de Coster and Helène Dumas, 1961 Articles Mirjam M. Foot 2020-01
Bookbindings, English & Foreign, Pt 143 (Bologna c. 1550) Articles Mirjam M. Foot 2020-03
Bookbindings, English & Foreign Pt 141 (Coster/Dumas 1961) Articles Mirjam M. Foot 2020-01
God's Librarian: Francis Trigge and the Grantham Chained Library Articles Brian Stagg 2019-03
How Things Were: 'High Street' by J.M. Richards and Eric Ravilious Articles Andrew Lawson 2019-03
Death by Qwerty: Penmanship in the USA 1830 to 1900 Articles Michael Knies 2019-03
Alchemy in Britain: a Collective Story Articles Anke Timmermann 2019-01
A Palimpsest of Naturalists: the Manuscripts of the Linnean Society of London Articles Anke Timmermann 2020-02
Alchemy in Britain III: James 'Paraffin' Young and John Ferguson's 'Bibliotheca Chemica' Articles Anke Timmermann 2019-03
Alchemy in Britain IV: John 'Soda' Ferguson and the Creation of a Great Chymical Library Articles Anke Timmermann 2019-04
Alchemy in Britain II: Sir Hans Sloane's Manuscripts Articles Anke Timmermann 2019-02
Carl Linnaeus, James Edward Smith and the Linnean Society of London Articles Isabelle Charmantier 2019-03
The Evolution of Prize Bindings 1870-1940: their Design and Typography Articles Lauren Alex O'Hagan 2018-04
Voyages of an Eton Librarian Articles Stephanie Coane 2018-04
James Weatherup's Great Find:the Discovery, Identification and Sale of a Copy of the Bay Psalm Book Articles Anthony S. Drennan 2018-04
The Franziskanerkloster Eger, from the Takamiya Collection (English & Foreign Bindings Pt 138) Articles Ed Potten 2019-02
Bookbindings, English & Foreign, Pt 138 (Franziskanerkloster Eger) Articles Ed Potten 2019-02
Hidden in Plain View: Decoration and Double Meaning in the English Private Library Articles Ed Potten 2018-04
A Dibdin Rarity: George Lewis's 'Remarks' on his Dispute With Thomas Dibdin Articles Marie Elena Korey 2018-04
The Jolly Roger: Lady Chatterley's Lover and its Pirated Editions Articles Richard Owen 2018-04
The End of Obscenity: Barney Rosset and Grove Press Articles Richard Owen 2019-02
Musings on 50 Albemarle Street Articles John R. Murray 2018-04
Collecting Ian Fleming: The Making of a Bibliography Articles Jon Gilbert 2017-01
Dickens, Charles Author Bibliographies Walter E. Smith 2016-04
Skinking and Stinking: the Printing and Proofing of Robert Burn's Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect Articles Scott & Lamont 2016-04
The Price of Passion: Indexing The Book Collector Articles James Fleming 2016-04
My Uncle Ian Articles James Fleming 2017-01
The Book Thieves: the Nazi Looting of Europe's Libraries by Anders Rydell: A Correspondence Articles James Fleming 2020-01
Cherry Articles James Fleming 2018-03
Arthur Machen Author Societies R.B. Russell & Rosalie Parker 2016-03
Author Societies: The Friends of Arthur Machen Articles R.B. Russell & Rosalie Parker 2016-03
Two Uncollected Bibliographers: S. Nowell-Smith and M. Trevanion Articles William E. Fredeman 1989-04
W.M. Rossetti and the Wise-Forman Conspiracy Articles William E. Fredeman 1987-01
The Poetry of E.E. Bradford: The Author's Own Copies Articles Timothy D'Arch Smith 2017-02
John Evelyn's Archive at the British Library Articles Theodore Hofmann 1995-02
Recasting Book History Articles Simon Eliot 2017-02

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