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Title Section Sub Category Author Dealer Publication
Gil Vicente and Shakespeare Articles Ann Livermore 1951-01
William Wycherley: Bibliographical Notes Articles Anon 1947-03
Edward Gibbon: Bibliographical Notes Articles Anon 1947-02
A Gothic Binding Articles Anon 1947-03
William Hayes: Bibliography Articles Anon 1947-03
Adventures of a Bookseller's Runner Articles Bernard J. Farmer 1951-04
Richard Ford's Articles and Reviews Articles Brinsley Ford 1948-07
The Life of Robert Bage Articles Catherine Hutton 1947-01
Wood-Engraving in Current Book-Illustration Articles Christopher Sandford 1947-04
The Recollections of Rifleman Harris [1] Articles Cyril Ray 1950-08
The Recollections of Rifleman Harris [2] Articles Cyril Ray 1950-09
Autograph Manuscripts of George Bernard Shaw Articles Dr F.E. Loewenstein 1947-02
R. de Bury and the Philobiblon Articles Dr W. M. Dickie 1948-05
Withering: Bibliographical Notes Articles E.A. Osborne 1947-03
Bibliography of Robert Bage Articles E.A. Osborne 1947-01
Bibliography of the Ghost Stories Articles E.A. Osborne 1947-04
Richard Ford and his 'Hand-Book for Travellers in Spain' Articles E.W. Gilbert 1948-06
The Man with the Iron Mask Articles Edward Gibbon 1947-02
Cheap Reprints before the First World War Articles Edward Shanks 1951-03
Petits Papiers Articles Ellic Howe 1951-02
E.R. Eddison Articles G. R. Hamilton 1947-01
Das Kapital and Marxism Articles G.B. Shaw 1947-04
Early Atlases of the British Isles Articles G.R. Crone 1948-06
Bibliography of E.R. Eddison Articles G.R. Hamilton 1947-01
An Encounter with G.B.S. Articles Gilbert Fabes 1951-01
Samuel Rogers, J.M.W. Turner, Stothard and Others Articles Harry Rycroft 1947-03
A Writer of Prose Articles Hedonicus 1947-01
Old Bee Books Articles Herbert Mace 1951-04
Books and Henry Stuart, Cardinal, Duke of York Articles Ion S. Munro 1951-04
Chronicles of the 'Cherry Pickers' Articles J. Paine 1951-03
Sir John Franklin and the North-West Passage Articles Jean Gallatly 1947-01
Samuel Rogers: a Bibliographical Note Articles John Pashby 1947-03
Letter with a Character of Mr Wycherley Articles Lord Lansdowne 1947-03
The Progress of Type Articles Magdalen Smith 1948-05
An Italian Book Printed in Soho Articles Marino Parenti 1948-06
William and Hannah Articles Mary Mitford 1948-05
Herrick's Tercentenary Articles Oliver Lodge 1948-05
Among My Books: Margarita Philosophica, G Reisch Articles Prof E.G.R. Taylor 1947-02
The Shakespeare Folios Articles Prof R.C. Bald 1947-02
Withering on the Foxglove Articles Prof. Wilkinson 1947-03

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