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The Editor and the Editorial Board


James Fergusson has always been a writer as well as a bookdealer. As founding Obituaries Editor of The Independent, 1986–2007, he introduced daily signed obituaries to a British newspaper readership and sought to demystify what had become a spookily arcane genre, expanding the range of obituary subjects and invigorating obituary pages with genuine illustration. As proprietor of James Fergusson Books & Manuscripts, he has issued such deliberately biographical catalogues as Ahasuerus the Bookseller (2008, about his first employer, Robin Waterfield), Every Printed Page is a Swinging Door (2011, books from the library of David Gascoyne), Tragara (2014, the publications of Alan Anderson's Tragara Press) and Mr George Sims Regrets (2015, the catalogues and writings of G.F. Sims). Managing director of Robin Waterfield Ltd, the Oxford antiquarian booksellers, from 1983 to 1986, he has been on the editorial board of THE BOOK COLLECTOR since 1990, and was Deputy Editor from 2012.


Nicolas Barker, Consultant Editor, began writing for THE BOOK COLLECTOR in 1958, and was Editor from 1965 to 2015. He was a printer (as the St Nicolas Press) and publisher (with Rupert Hart-Davis, Macmillan and Oxford University Press) before joining the new British Library as Head of Conservation in 1976. He retired in 1992 to become libraries adviser to the National Trust and the House of Commons. A Fellow of the British Academy, he has written or edited more than twenty books on typography, calligraphy, art history and the history of books and libraries, among them the perennial ABC for Book Collectors.

Professor Phil Cleaver. Creative Principal at etal-design; Professor in the Creative Industries at Middlesex University.

Professor Anthony S.G. Edwards. Professor of Medieval Manuscripts Studies at the University of Kent.

James Fleming. Novelist; son of Ian Fleming's younger brother Richard.

Theodore Hofmann. Senior specialist in English books at Bernard Quaritch, antiquarian booksellers.

Ian Jackson. Antiquarian bookseller in Berkeley, California.

David McKitterick. Vice-Master and former Librarian, Trinity College, Cambridge; Honorary Professor of Historical Bibliography, Cambridge University.

Joan Winterkorn. Archive and manuscript consultant in Cambridge; former Head of Valuations at Bernard Quaritch.