In the Autumn 2016 Issue

Mania and Imagination - James Fergusson

'Simple and Exquisite Tastes'  - A.T. Bartholomew : a life through books  - Liam Sims

Waddesdon: 'projet de bibliothèque' - Nicolas Barker

A State of Absolute Rarity : the market for Middle English manuscripts in the twentieth century - A.S.G. Edwards

Fencers Treading Upon Ice : Boswell and the 'Question of Literary Property' - Charles Elliott

A Binding for Matthew Parker by Jean de Planche, c1570 : English and Foreign Bookbindings 128 - Mirjam M. Foot

A Venice Collection : Contemporary Collectors LXV - Fergus McGhee

Stanley Lane : The Markham Interviews (New Series) 15 - Sheila Markham

The Friends of Arthur Machen : Author Societies 31 - R.B. Russell & Rosalie Parker


NEWS & COMMENT, notices of SALES, CATALOGUES and EXHIBITIONS, OBITUARIES (Alan Anderson, Rocky Stinehour, Frank Collieson, Howard Radclyffe, Tom Valentine), FROM THE ARCHIVE

BOOK REVIEWS by Simon Beattie, Nicolas Barker and David McKitterick, and BOOKS RECEIVED

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