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Goat SymbolEveryone knows about Bond but few are aware of Fleming’s passion for collecting books. In 1952, the same year he wrote Casino Royale, he launched The Book Collector. By then he was well into his collection of first editions of the crucial books of modern civilisation (on TV, atomic fission, X-Rays, birth control, the motor car and penicillin among other things). As an idea it was unique. When he died his library was bought by the Lilly Library, Bloomington, Indiana.

EinsteinFrom Ian Fleming's collection,
courtesy of the Lilly Library

“James Bond Invades America”
“Collecting Ian Fleming”
“You Only Live Twice, the dust-wrapper”
“Two Bond Collectors”
“The Bond Market: an 007 Price Index”

These are only a few of the articles you’ll find in our Special Issue. Much of the material comes from unseen family papers. It will be a unique publication in the vast history of the Bond phenomenon.

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Publication date: 10 March 2017: Contents of the regular edition: 288 pages, 40 photographs


We are the sole publishers. We’re only printing a small number of copies. The best way to guarantee receiving your copy is to become a subscriber to The Book Collector (£60) for which you’ll get four printed and digital copies a year plus digital access back to 1947. To be eligible for this, you must subscribe online by 26 February 2017.

Any copies that remain after publication on March 10th, will be available at £26 a copy postage included. Please check on our website at that date.


There will also be an edition entitled Ian Fleming: The Book Collector limited to 150 specially bound copies selling at £150 each including postage. For dedicated collectors there’ll be a further edition of 26 copies numbered A-Z selling at £275 each. Ian Fleming’s nephews, the writers James and Fergus Fleming, will be signing copies of both these editions. This will come with a copy of the flier Fleming wrote specially for The Book Collector, virtually unseen since it was issued in 1957. Very appropriately, this edition will be published by the Queen Anne Press, which was once run by Ian Fleming and now belongs to his family. Details will be posted in due course on both our website and theirs www.queenannepress.co.uk

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The edition of 150 copies

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The edition lettered A-Z


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