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Index Entry Author View PDF
Eighteenth Century Book Collecting B.J. Enright 1990-01
Bibliophiles Pt 28 [27] (Richard Rawlinson) B.J. Enright 1990-01
The Cambridge Affair: the Ged-Fenner Venture B.J. McMullin 2008-02
The Fire at Dod's Warehouse in 1762 B.J. McMullin 1996-04
The Vinegar Bible B.J. McMullin 1984-01
Joseph Crawhall, His Chap-Book Chaplets and the Leadenhall Press B.J. McMullin 2015-03
Robert Frost's First Book B.J. Sokol 1977-02
The History of a Manuscript [Junius II]* B.J. Timmer 1952-01
The Authenticity of Bookplates B.N. Lee 1981-01
Elkin Mathews Centenary Barbara Muir 1988-02
Florence Barker and others 1967-01
Bookbindings, English & Foreign, Pt 097 (Coronation MS Binding) Benjamin Klein 2004-04
Uncollected Authors Pt 34* (Sir Philip Sidney 1) Bent Juel-Jensen 1962-04
Sir Philip Sidney Pt 1* Bent Juel-Jensen 1962-04
Sir Hugh Plat, ?1552 -?1611* Bent Juel-Jensen 1959-01
Michael Drayton: A Drayton Collection* Bent Juel-Jensen 1955-02
The Mikael Zata Gospels Bent Juel-Jensen 1996-01
Ethiopian Manuscripts Bent Juel-Jensen 1987-02
Bent Juel-Jensen's Collection Bent Juel-Jensen 1966-02
Synkessar Miniature Forger and Colleagues Bent Juel-Jensen 1991-04
Sir Philip Sidney Pt 2* Bent Juel-Jensen 1963-02
John Hamilton Reynolds* Bent Juel-Jensen 1954-03
Ethiopic Manuscripts: the Ground Hornbill Artist Bent Juel-Jensen 1977-01
Uncollected Authors Pt 03* (John Hamilton Reynolds) Bent Juel-Jensen 1954-03
Contemporary Collectors Pt 43 (Bent Juel-Jensen) Bent Juel-Jensen 1966-02
Uncollected Authors Pt 34* (Sir Philip Sidney 2) Bent Juel-Jensen 1963-02
John Buxton 1912-1989, an Obituary Bent Juel-Jensen 1991-01
Uncollected Authors Pt 19* (Sir Hugh Plat) Bent Juel-Jensen 1959-01
Bookbindings, English & Foreign, Pt 092 (A Binding for 'SP') Bent Juel-Jensen 2001-04
Contemporary Collectors Pt 49 (Burndy Library) Bern Dibner 1977-04
The Burndy Library in Mitosis Bern Dibner 1977-04
William Barnes's Guide to Dorchester Bernard Jones 1986-03
Ernest Martin: A Devon Man of Letters Berry & Greeves 2011-02
Richard de la Mare, Faber Book Designer Berthold Wolpe 1986-03
Contemporary Collectors Pt 07* (George Lazarus Collection) Bertram Rota 1955-04
Uncollected Authors Pt 11* (Constance Holme) Bertram Rota 1956-03
Constance Holme Bertram Rota 1956-03
The Library of George Lazarus* Bertram Rota 1955-04
The Bookseller's 'Conclave' of July - August 1824 Bibliopole 2000-02
George Pettit, a Memoir Bibliopole 1985-03

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