Valuing a Presidential Library

Valuing a Presidential Library

In recent issues of The Book Collector we published three remarkable articles by John Payne, the man who was appointed to value the Nixon presidential archive, in which he set out the criteria central to the valuation of any presidential archive.

With a presidential election now only days away, it seems to us at The Book Collector that these articles, which are the only treatment of the subject that exists, should have a wider currency.

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Ian Fleming Special Edition The Death of the Doctor: Ian Fleming Intervenes by James Fergusson
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Ian Fleming Special Edition Books That Had Started Something by Joel Silver
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Ian Fleming Special Edition Percy Muir: Ian Fleming’s Book Dealer by Nicolas Barker
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Ian Fleming Special Edition Friendship and Fiction: Ian Fleming and Robert Harling by A.S.G Edwards
10pp text, limitation 60. The interaction between Fleming and his designer/typographer friend Harling and a description of the latter’s career as a fiction writer.
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Ian Fleming Special Edition James Bond Invades America: A Tale of Three Publishers by John Cork
10pp text, limitation 60. An intriguing account of how Fleming’s novels broke into the US market.
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Ian Fleming Special Edition Collecting Ian Fleming: The Making of a Bibliography by Jon Gilbert
7pp text, limitation 60. A life devoted to collecting Bond as recounted by the prize-winning author of Ian Fleming: The Bibliography.
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Ian Fleming Special Edition Dust-jacket by Richard Chopping... by Mirjam M. Foot
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Ian Fleming Special Edition Two Bond Collectors by Sheila Markham
12 pp text, limitation 125. Sheila’s finely-written interviews have graced The Book Collector for many years. Here she speaks to two very different Fleming fans: Jeremy Miles and Mike Van Blaricum.
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Richard Garnett: Rupert Hart-Davis Limited, a Brief History with a Checklist of Publications. 2004, 96pp, wrappers, postage included.

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To Bernard Breslauer on the Centenary of the Firm of Martin Breslauer. Tributes from Nicolas Barker and eleven others. 1998, c. 48pp in wrappers, postage included.

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