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'My Dearest Cheaty Meaty...' Daniel Waley 2011-02
'Paris Mon Amour' Tenschert LXXX 2018-01
Wild Chillingham Castle 1789 2017-04
'Another Jane' : Twinkle Twinkle Little Star C. Duff Stewart 1977-01
'For Love of the King', Who wrote it?* George Sims 1958-03
'His Hatband is Made of Diamondes': France's First English Textbook N. Stoughton 2011-01
'I Fear I am Altogether Done For': the Tribulations of Editing Evelyn's Diary Stephen Clarke 2009-02
'Love in Earnest' 1892: The Author's Copy David Hall 1978-02
'T Groot Waerelds Tafereel c.1705 2015-02
'Things in Books' Clothing' Valerie Holman 1996-03
'Withnail and I' 1987: draft screenplay 2016-01
100 Modern Books from England, France, the US, 1800-1950 1973-04
100 x Paris 1929 2013-02
100 Years of the Garden Club of America 2013-03
15th- and 16th-Century Bindings Konrad Meuschel no. 85 2001-02
1660-1820 Arthur Freeman 2016-03
16th Century Printing Press in Malta? 1955-01
16th-century decorative arts L'Art Ancien, Zurich 1967-04
1796 Edition of Walpole's Anecdotes: A Fifth Volume 1966-04
17th and 18th Century Voyages Bonham and Morrell 1982-04
1850-1870: The Heyday of Wood-Engraving 1994-01
1890s and Decadent Jacqueline Wesley no. 4 1989-04
18th-Century Agriculture Ximenes M8 2003-01
18th-Century Book Trade Pickering and Chatto 1985-04
18th-Century Cookery Ken Spelman no. 49 2004-01
18th-century English drama Hofmann and Freeman 1967-02
18th-Century Fiction Hofmann & Freeman 1971-01
18th-Century Ireland P. & B. Rowan no. 31 1986-03
18th-Century Lancashire Editions of Bunyan's Works 1980-01
18th-Century Sweden: A through Gy Mats Rehnström no. 9 1999-02
19th-Century British Artists Ian Hodgkins no. 76 1994-04
19th-Century Colour Printing Tony Appleton 1971-02
19th-Century Developments Ian Marr no. 9 2014-03
19th-Century Fiction Quaritch no. 1129 1990-04
19th-Century French Drama Chris Kohler 1979-04
19th-Century Medical & Scientific Webb Dordick 1983-02
1c[ent] life 1964 2006-04
1c[ent] life 1964 2006-04
1st US Editions of Charles Dickens Sumner and Stillmore no. 36 1991-03
20,000 Streets under the Sky 1935 2012-04

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