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Uncollected Authors Pt 43* (Gilbert White) Claude Prance 1968-03
Uncollected Authors Pt 44* (George Cumberland) Geoffrey Keynes 1970-01
Uncollected Authors Pt 45 (Edward Young 1) Harold Forster 1970-04
Uncollected Authors Pt 45* (Edward Young 2) Harold Forster 1971-01
Uncollected Authors Pt 46 (Books, Broad Cloth & Mr Beer) Michael Trevanion 1974-02
Uncollected Authors Pt 47 (Arthur Hugh Clough) P.G. Scott 1974-04
Uncollected Authors Pt 48* (Shane Leslie) David Hall 1975-04
Uncollected Authors Pt 49* (Soame Jenyns) Ronald Rompkey 1976-02
Uncollected Authors Pt 50 (Dorothy Richardson) Virginia Smyers 1978-01
Uncollected Authors Pt 51 (Dr Martin Lister 1) Geoffrey Keynes 1979-04
Uncollected Authors Pt 51 (Dr Martin Lister 2) Geoffrey Keynes 1980-01
Uncollected Authors Pt 52 (Helen Waddell) David Hall 1980-03
Uncollected Authors Pt 53 (William Whitehead) Harold Forster 1980-04
Uncollected Authors Pt 54 (Edith Olivier) David Gilson 1986-03
Uncollected Authors Pt 55 (Gilbert Stuart) William Zachs 1988-04
Uncollected Authors Pt 56 (William Allingham) Mark Lasner 1990-02
Uncollected Authors Pt 57 (Jacques-Charles Brunet 1) Roger Stoddard 1993-03
Uncollected Authors Pt 57 (Jacques-Charles Brunet 2) Roger Stoddard 1993-04
Uncollected Authors Pt 58 (François Hemsterhuis) Roger Stoddard 2001-02
Uncollected Authors Pt 59 (Friedo Lampe) Simon Beattie 2016-02
Unexpected Resemblances Ann Baer 2014-01
Unfamiliar Libraries Pt 01* (Chetham's Manchester) Hilda Lofthouse 1956-04
Unfamiliar Libraries Pt 02* (Stonyhurst College) Hubert Chadwick SJ 1957-04
Unfamiliar Libraries Pt 03* (St Andrews University) George Bushnell 1958-02
Unfamiliar Libraries Pt 04* (Bamburgh Library) A.I. Doyle 1959-01
Unfamiliar Libraries Pt 05* (Waddesdon Manor) A.R.A. Hobson 1959-02
Unfamiliar Libraries Pt 06* (Matenadaran at Erevan) G. Abgarian 1960-02
Unfamiliar Libraries Pt 07* (Barnbougle Castle) C-ess of Rosebery 1962-01
Unfamiliar Libraries Pt 08* (Jagellonian Library, Cracow) Jerzy Zathey 1964-01
Unfamiliar Libraries Pt 09 (Sion College) Eliz. Edmonston 1965-02
Unfamiliar Libraries Pt 10 (Dartmouth College) Herbert West 1966-02
Unfamiliar Libraries Pt 11* (Winchester College) J.M.G. Blakiston 1967-03
Unfamiliar Libraries Pt 12* (Lamport Hall) H.A.N. Hallam 1967-04
Unfamiliar Libraries Pt 13* (Brander Library, Huntly) Muriel Hutton 1968-01
Unfamiliar Libraries Pt 14* (Cashel Cathedral) Frederick Alderson 1968-03
Unfamiliar Libraries Pt 15* (Lincoln Cathedral) D.N. Griffiths 1970-01
Unfamiliar Libraries Pt 16 (Forbes Library, Toronto University) P.L. Heyworth 1970-03
Unfamiliar Libraries Pt 17* (Bib. Montereyensis-Angelorum) Francis Weber 1971-04
Unfamiliar Libraries Pt 18 (Royal Grammar School, Guildford) R.A. Christophers 1973-01
Unfamiliar Libraries Pt 18 [28] (Guild of St George Library) James Dearden 1998-02

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