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Gilt Tooling on Macacbre Bindings 1958-03
Gissing's American Short Stories 1980-03
Goldsmith's A Survey of Experimental Philosophy 1776 1969-04
Goldsmith's Millenium Hall 1952-04
Goldsmith's Millenium Hall 1953-01
Goldsmith's Millenium Hall 1953-02
Goldsmith: The Traveller 1952-04
Gone Dry: Unpublished Facade Poem 1999-03
Good News from Stuttgart 1997-01
Gosse and Henry Patmore's Poems 1961-01
Gosse, Wise and Swinburne 1959-03
Graecae Linguae Spicilegium, 1575 1962-02
Grahamiana 1953-01
Gray's Elegy 1956-04
Grolier's Binders 1962-01
Grolier's Binders 1962-02
Guide to Natural Hist. Resources of the British Isles 1975-04
Gutenberg Bible Census 1952-01
H. Hallam's Poems, 1830 1959-04
H. Hallam's Poems, 1830 1960-01
H.M. Tomlinson's A Bluebell at Thiepval 1962-02
Handwritten Books (not MSS) 1956-03
Hannah Cowley: Re-Impressions, not Reissues 1958-03
Hans Andersen 1954-04
Harlequinades 1957-02
Harriet Weaver and James Joyce 1966-04
Hazlitt's The Spirit of the Age, Third Edition, 1858 1966-03
Helen Waddell : Additions to Autumn 1980 1982-01
Henrietta's Heartaches 1956-03
Henry Alken, Sporting Notions 1831-3 1980-02
Henry Cook Todd's Manual of Orthoepy 1994-03
Henry Miller: Author of Tropic of Cancer 2000-03
Henry Spencer Ashbee's Private Journals 1977-02
Henry v. Henry (Autumn 1978): Postscript 1979-01
Heptinstall's Bible 1982-02
History of Little Goody Two-Shoes 1964-02
History of Little Goody Two-Shoes 1964-04
Holcroft's Follies of a Day 1785 1973-02
Holcroft's Follies of a Day, 1785 1965-04
Holmesiana 1957-02

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