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George Borrow's The Zincali 1956-01
Stubbe and Wotton 1956-01
Rousseau's Dictionnaire de Musique 1956-01
Fielding's The Modern Husband 1956-01
Book Club in Huntingdon? 1956-01
Palgrave's Golden Treasury 1956-01
John Chapman and the Westminster Review 1956-02
Newman: The Dream of Gerontius 1956-02
Sheridan's The Critic 1956-02
Le Compost et Calendrier des Bergers, 1529 1956-02
Press-Marks of the De Thou Library 1956-02
Early References to Size of Edition 1956-02
The Poet Earl of Surrey's Library 1956-02
Fielding's The Modern Husband 1956-03
Cricket in The Matrimonial Magazine 1956-03
L'Encyclopedie in Contemporary Morocco 1956-03
Handwritten Books (not MSS) 1956-03
Incunable Towns 1956-03
Brief Instructions for Children 1956-03
A Trade Binding 1956-03
Marivaux: Le Paysan Parvenu 1956-03
Henrietta's Heartaches 1956-03
Swinburne's Atalanta in Calydon 1956-03
Edward Reynolds: Three Treatises, 1631 1956-03
Concealed Pope Editions 1956-03
By Lytton or Grenville Murray? 1956-03
Stubbe and Wotton 1956-03
The Garrison Press, Gibraltar 1956-04
Elliott Stock's Devices 1956-04
L'Encyclopedie in Contemporary Morocco 1956-04
French Bookbinders, 1789-1848 1956-04
Gray's Elegy 1956-04
Brief Instructions for Children 1956-04
Housman Presentation Copies 1956-04
A Trade Binding 1956-04
Dylan Thomas, Bibliography 1957-01
Variant Readings in Housman's More Poems 1957-01
A Scott Facsimile 1957-01
The First Editions of Les Liaisons Dangereuses 1957-01
Dylan Thomas, The Map of Love 1957-01

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