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New Letters of Robert Browning, Edited by William Clyde de Vane and Kenneth Knickerbocker, [1952] 1952-01
The Libraries of Greater London, by L.M.Harrod, [1952] 1952-01
Bookbindings, by J.P.Harthan, [1952] 1952-01
Bibliography: Principles of Bibliographic Description by Fredson Bowers [1952] 1952-01
The Gilbert and Sullivan Book, by Leslie Baily [1952] 1952-01
The Story of British Shorthand by E.H. Butler, [1952] 1952-01
Bibliofilia V, Valencia, 1951 1952-01
Rondels by Charles d'Orléans and Others, by Cedric Wallis, 1951 1952-01
The First Editions of William Mason, by Philip Gaskell, 1951 1952-02
Scenery of Great Britain and Ireland in Aquatint and Lithograph 1775-1860 from the Library of J.R. Abbey 1952-02
Collector's Progress by Wilmarth Lewis, 1952 1952-03
Bibliography: a Text-Book on Bibliography by David B. Boswell [1952] 1952-03
Bookbindings: English Blind-Stamped Bindings, by J. Basil Oldham, [1952] 1952-03
Nineteenth Century English Books: Some Problems in Bibliography, by Gordon Ray and others, [1952] 1952-03
A History of the Old English Letter Foundries, by Talbot Baines Reed, [1952] 1952-03
Talks on Book Collecting, by P.H.Muir and others, [1952] 1952-03
English Books and Readers 1475-1557, by H.S. Bennett, [1952] 1952-03
The Blake Collection of W. Graham Robertson, edited by Kerrison Preston, [1952] 1952-04
The Durham Philobiblon, Volume 1, Pts 1-7, [1952] 1952-04
The Society of London Bookbinders 1780-1951, by Ellic Howe and John Child, 1952 1952-04
Engraving in England in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, Part 1, Tudor Period, by Arthur M. Hind 1952-04
An ABC for Book Collectors, by John Carter, [1952] 1952-04
The Work of J. Van Kimpen, by John Dreyfus, [1952] 1952-04
The Text of Gulliver's Travels, by Sir Harold Williams, 1952 1953-01
Bibliography of English Corantos and Periodical Newsbooks 1620-42, by Folke Dahl, 1952 1953-01
Bibliography, Studies in, the University of Virginia, Five Volumes [1952] 1953-01
Phillipps: The Family Affairs of Sir Thomas Phillipps, by A.N.L. Munby, [1952] 1953-01
A Hand-List of English Provincial Newspapers and Periodicals 1700-1760, by G.A. Cranfield, [1952] 1953-01
Biblioteca Gastronomica, compiled by André L. Simon, 1953 1953-02
William Blake's Jerusalem, Foreword by Geoffrey Keynes, [1952] 1953-02
Dictionary and Encyclopedia of Paper and Paper-Making by E.J. Labarre, 2nd edition, [1953] 1953-03
Life in England in Aquatint and Lithography 1770-1860 from the Library of J.R. Abbey, [1953] 1953-03
A Directory of Dealers in Secondhand and Antiquarian Books in the British Isles 1953-54, Sheppards Press, 1953 1953-03
Bookbindings: Twelve Books in Fine Bindings from the Library of J.W. Hely-Hutchinson, by Howard M.Nixon, 1953 1953-03
Bibliography: An Introduction to Historical Bibliography by Norman E. Binns, 1953 1953-04
True Patriots All, by Geoffrey C. Ingleton, 1952 1953-04
Encyclopedia of Type Faces, by W.T. Berry and A.F. Johnson, [1953] 1953-04
The Library, Fifth Series, Vol. VIII, 1953 1954-01
Materialien zu einer Entwicklungsgeschichte der Bucher-Preise... vom 15 bis zum 20 Jahr Hundert, von Walter Krieg, 1953 1954-01
A Summary Catalogue of Western Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, Vol. 1, Vol. VII - Index, [1953] 1954-01

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