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Sir Max Beerbohm, Man and Writer, by J.G. Riewald, 1953 1954-02
Bookbinders of the United Kingdom (Outside London) 1780-1840, by Charles Ramsden, 1954 1954-02
English Children's Books 1600 to 1900, by Percy Muir, [1953] 1954-02
Books and the Man, 1953 1954-02
The Mainz Psalters and Canon Missal, 1457-1459, 1954 1954-03
Bookbindings: Irish Bookbindings 1600-1800, by Maurice Craig [1953] 1954-03
The Growth of the Book Jacket, by Charles Rosner, 1954 1954-03
The Holkham Bible Picture Book, by W.O. Hassall, in two editions, 1954 1954-03
The Sterling Library, A Catalogue of.... Privately Printed, 1954 1954-03
Phillipps: The Formation of the Phillipps Library up to the Year 1840, by A.N.L. Munby, 1954 1954-04
Bibliography: Robert Browning, 1830-1950, by Leslie Nathan Broughton and others, 1954 1954-04
Bookbindings: French and Italian Collectors and their Bindings from ...the Library of J.R. Abbey, by A.R.A. Hobson, 1953 1954-04
Music Publishing in the British Isles, by Charles Humphries and William Smith, 1954 1955-01
Michael Servetus, Humanist and Martyr, by John Fulton, 1953 1955-01
Book Collecting and Scholarship: Essays by Theodore C.Blegen and others, 1954 1955-02
The Gregynog Press, by Thomas Jones, edition of 750 copies, 1954 1955-02
Robert Estienne, Royal Printer, by Elizabeth Armstrong, 1954 1955-02
The Universal Penman, Foreword by Philip Hofer, [1954] 1955-02
Mr William Shakespeare's Comedies, Histories and Tragedies, by Helge Kokeritz, [1955] 1955-03
The First Cambridge Press in its European Setting, by E.P. Goldschmidt, 1955 1955-03
An Early English Version of Hortus Sanitatus, by Noel Hudson, [1955] 1955-03
Printing for Pleasure, by John Ryder, 1955 1955-03
The Shakespeare First Folio: its Bibliographical and Textual History, by W.W. Grey, 1955 1955-04
Fifteenth-Century Books in the Library of Howard Lehman Goodhart, by Phyllis Gordon, [1955] 1955-04
Bibliography, Studies in, Volume 7, edited by Fredson Bowers, 1955 1955-04
Elseviers and Their Contemporaries, by S.L. Hartz, 1955 1956-01
Engraving in England in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, Part II, James 1, by Arthur M. Hind 1956-01
Scottish Bookbinding, A History of, by William S. Mitchell, 1955 1956-01
Manuscrits à Peintures du XIIIᵉ au XVIᵉ Siècle, Pref. By André Malraux, 1955 1956-02
American Literature, Bibliography of, compiled by Joseph Blanck, Vol. 1, 1955 1956-02
Book Trade, the Earliest Directory of, by John Pendred (1785), edited by Graham Pollard, 1956 1956-02
Biblioteca Walleriana, Catalogue of, compiled by Hans Sallander, 2 vols, 1955 1956-02
Antiquarian Book Trade, Dictionary for, Compiled by Menno Hertzberger, 1956 1956-03
Texas, Bibliography Of, by Thomas W. Streeter. Part 1, Texas Imprints. 2 volumes, 1955 1956-03
New Zealand, the Oldest Manuscripts in, by David M. Taylor, 1956 1956-03
Das Alte Buch [by] Karl Schottenloher, Band xiv, 1956 1956-04
Inkunabule u Narodnoj Republici Hrvatskoj [by] Josip Badalić, 1952 1956-04
Phillipps: The Formation of the Phillipps Library from 1841 to 1872, by A.N.L. Munby, 1956 1956-04
Anonymous and Pseudonynous Literature, Dictionary of, Vol. 8, 1900-1950, by Dennis E. Rhodes, 1956 1956-04
Wing's STC 1641-1700, Christ Church Holdings In...., Compiled by W.G. Hiscock, 1956 1957-01

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