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Wolfson, John 2012-04
Wolff, Robert Lee 1965-03
Wolff, Robert Lee 1965-04
Wolfe, Christine M. 1989-04
Wolf, Edwin 2nd 1957-04
Wolf, Edwin 2nd 1960-03
Wolf, Edwin 2nd 1984-01
Wolf, Edwin 2nd 1986-03
Wolf, Edwin 2nd 1991-02
Witten, Laurence 1959-04
Witt, Mario 1967-01
Winterkorn, Joan 1981-01
Winterkorn, Joan 1995-02
Winterkorn, Joan 1999-02
Wilson, Edward 1967-02
Wilson, David 2011-02
Willison, I.R. 1958-04
Willison, I.R. 1962-03
Willis, Patricia C. 2000-01
Williamson, William Landram 1978-01
Williamson, Geordie 2005-04
Williams, Sir Harold 1952-02
Williams, Joan 2005-04
William Baker 2017-04
Wilkinson, Ronald S. 1966-04
Wilkinson, Prof. K. Douglas 1947-03
Wilkinson, C.H. OBE, MC 1956-02
Wilkinson, C.H. OBE, MC 1958-04
Wieder Elkind, M. 1975-03
Wieck, Roger S. 1996-02
Wiebe, M.G. 1974-03
Whitting, Philip 1970-02
Whiteman, Bruce 2005-01
Whiteman, Bruce 2009-01
Whiteman, Bruce 2011-03
Whiteman, Bruce 2013-04
Whitehead, John 1980-04
Whitehead, John 1992-03
Whitehead, H.G. 1962-01
Whitehead, H.G. 1964-02

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