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Davis, Herbert 1959-02
Davis, Herbert 1960-01
Davis, Irving 1959-03
Dawney, Michael 1969-01
Dawney, Michael 1970-01
Dawson, Muir 2005-03
Day, Angélique 1986-04
de Beaumont, Robin 1999-04
de Chantilly,Marc Vaulbert 2001-01
de Chantilly,Marc Vaulbert 2002-02
de Hamel, Christopher 1991-03
de Hamel, Christopher 1993-02
de Hamel, Christopher 1996-03
de Hamel, Christopher 2001-04
de Hamel, Christopher 2011-03
de Hamel, Christopher 2012-03
de Hamel, Christopher 2014-01
de la Bédoyère, Guy 1994-04
Dearden James S. 2018-01
Dearden, James 1964-03
Dearden, James 1968-02
Dearden, James 1969-01
Dearden, James 1969-02
Dearden, James 1969-03
Dearden, James 1971-03
Dearden, James 1972-02
Dearden, James 1973-03
Dearden, James 1975-02
Dearden, James 1978-04
Des Graz, C.G. 1952-03
Detmold Holliday, Terence and Elsa 2012-03
Detmold Holliday, Terence and Elsa 2012-04
Deval, Laurie 1966-04
Dibner, Bern 1977-04
Dickie, Dr W. M. 1948-05
Dickinson, Donald C. 1988-03
Dickinson, Donald C. 1993-04
Dingwall, Eric J. 1965-02
Dobell, Robert J. 1970-03
Dobie, James Frank 1957-04

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