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Sir Anthony Panizzi 1979-04
The Open and Closed Book: Contemporary Book Arts 1979-04
Books from the Age of Bede 1979-04
Montaigne 1979-04
Manuscripts at Oxford 1980-03
The Benedictines in Britain 1980-03
The Wagners of Ulm 1980-03
Western Calligraphy from the Roman Period to 1900 1981-01
Captain Marryat 1981-01
W.H. Auden 1981-01
George Eliot 1981-01
Dean Michael Honywood, 1596-1681 1981-02
John Dryden 1981-02
Helen Bannerman and Little Black Sambo 1981-03
Mardersteig 1981-04
Reynold Stone 1981-04
Quarter of a Millenium [Philadelphia] 1982-01
Les Fastes du Gothique 1982-02
Jacob M. Lowy Collection of Hebraica 1982-02
The Art of the Book in India 1982-03
Virgil 1982-04
Berthold Wolpe 1983-01
Goethe 1983-03
Artists of the Tudor Court: The Portrait Miniature 1520-1620 1983-04
The English Provincial Printer 1700-1800 1983-04
John Maynard Keynes 1983-04
Richard Doyle 1984-01
Martin Luther 1984-02
The Dark Side of the Enlightenment 1984-03
Francis Douce 1984-03
Die Wunderbare Neue Welt 1984-03
Fabula Docet 1984-03
English Romanesque Art, 1066-1200 1984-03
The Spanish Church and the New World in the Golden Age 1984-03
Early Images of Asia 1984-03
Raleigh and Roanoke 1984-04
Ilya Zdanevitch 1984-04
Animal Farm, 1984 1984-04
Dr Johnson 1985-01
Italian Manuscript Painting 1300-1500 1985-02

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