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Ruskin's Italy, Ruskin's England 2000-04
Edward Lear and the Art of Travel 2000-04
English Poetry 850-1850 2001-01
Writing on Hands: Memory and Knowledge in Early Europe 2001-01
Theater and Anti-Theater in the 18th Century 2001-02
From Gutenberg to Gone with the Wind 2001-02
The Dialogue between Painting and Poetry 1874-1999 2001-02
Leaves of Gold 2001-03
Manuscripts from the Collection of L.J. Schoenberg 2001-03
Printing in the Near Middle East: Jews, Christians, Muslims 2001-03
The Ecstatic Journey: Athanasius Kircher in Baroque Rome 2001-03
Footprints of the Lion: Isaac Newton at Work 2001-04
A Nation of Shopkeepers: Trade Ephemera 1654 to the 1860s 2001-04
The Armenian Gospels of Gladzor 2002-01
Lie of the Land: the Secret Life of Maps 2002-01
Arab Culture and Ottoman Magnificence in Antwerp 2002-01
Ephemera: les Imprimés de Tous les Jours, 1880-1930 2002-02
Irish Literature 1950-2000 2002-02
Sir Thomas Bodley and his Library, 1598-1620 2002-02
Livres en Bouche 2002-02
Lazarus and Lawrence 2002-02
The East India Company and Asia, 1600-1834 2002-03
Beyond Oscar Wilde: Portraits of Late Victorian Writers 2002-03
600 Years of Cambridge University Library 2002-04
Images of New York City Wildlife 2002-04
William Walton, Composer 2002-04
Book Illumination from Charlemagne to Charles the Bold 2002-04
Making Shakespeare 2002-04
400 Years of Collecting: The Bodleian Library 1602-2002 2002-04
Quack, Quack, Quack 2003-01
Mad, Bad and Dangerous: the Cult of Lord Byron 2003-01
Christmas Cards 2003-01
Twelve Soldier Poets of the First World War 2003-01
For Jean Grolier & His Friends 2003-01
Jean-Jacques Rousseau Face aux Arts Visuels 2003-01
This Boke is Myne 2003-01
Somerset Maugham 2003-01
Quelque Notes de Musique et d'Amitié 2003-01
Elizabeth [I] 2003-02
Le Cardinal, la Fronde & le Bibliothécaire 2003-02

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