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Hand of Man on America/ Small Town America 1997-04
Hallelujah! The British Choral Tradition 2009-02
Hajj: Journey to the Heart of Islam 2012-02
Hahn, Emily 2005-02
Gutenberg and the Genesis of Printing 1994-01
Great and Manifold 2011-03
Great American Book Collectors to 1800 1971-04
Gott ist selber Recht 1993-01
Gothic Art for England 2004-01
Gothic Art for England 2004-02
Goethe the Scientist 2000-01
Goethe and France 2017-02
Goethe 1983-03
Girolamo da Carpi 2005-04
Getty: The Wormsley Library 1999-02
German Printmaking in the Age of Goethe 1994-03
German Fine Printing 1970-03
Georgians Revealed: Life, Style and the Making of...Britain 2014-01
George Washington and the American Republic 1999-04
George Mackie, RDI 1991-01
George Eliot 1981-01
Gaslight: Sherlock Holmes in the Lilly Library 2000-03
Gallimard, un Siècle d'Edition 2011-02
From Gutenberg to Gone with the Wind 2001-02
From Boer War to Uhuru 2000-01
From Austen to Zola: Amy Lowell as a Collector 2012-04
Fritz Moser 2014-03
Frankenstein: Creation of Darkness 2016-04
Francis Douce 1984-03
Fra Bartolemmeo 1992-04
For Jean Grolier & His Friends 2003-01
Footprints of the Lion: Isaac Newton at Work 2001-04
Folio Society, 60th Anniversary 2008-01
Focusing on the Eighteenth Century 1993-04
Floreat Bibliomania: A.N. L. Munby 2013-03
Fleming: "For Your Eyes Only" 2008-03
Five Hundred Years of Working Women 2019-01
FitzGerald and his Rubaiyat, 1809-2009 2009-02
First Roman Printers and the Idioms of Humanism 1989-03
First Impressions 1990-01

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