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The Books that Built America's Homes, 1775-2000 2014-01
The Book of Common Prayer 2012-03
The Book Beautiful: William Morris, Hilary Pepler and the Private Press Story 2016-04
The Bindings of Trevor Jones 2015-02
The Bible in the 12th Century 1990-02
The Benedictines in Britain 1980-03
The Battle of the Somme 1996-03
The Art of the Book in India 1982-03
The Art of Holy Russia, 1400-1600 1998-02
The Art of Food for Festivals 2000-02
The Art of Adding: John Updike 1987-03
The Art and Science of Illuminated Manuscripts 2017-02
The Armenian Gospels of Gladzor 2002-01
The Apocalypse and the Shape of Things to Come 2000-03
The Agricultural Lanscape in England 1780-1890 1994-01
The 1715 Jacobite Rising 2015-01
Thames Frost Fairs 1997-01
Terrors, Aliens and Wonders 2018-03
Terror and Wonder: the Gothic Imagination 2014-04
Tennyson 1992-04
Ten Years of Collecting [at Texas A&M] 2009-03
Ted Hughes, 1930-1998 2000-03
Teaching America to Draw: Instruction Manuals 1794-1925 2006-03
Tally Ho! 400 Years of Foxhunting 1976-02
Tales of Wonder: a Peep into the Pollard Collection 2006-03
Ta-ra-ra boom-de-ay: the British Music Hall, 1850-1920 2005-04
T.S. Eliot the Publisher 2009-04
T.E. Lawrence, the Legend and the Man 1988-04
T.E. Lawrence 2005-04
Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes and the Blood Jet of Poetry 2005-03
Sylvia Plath 2017-04
Sydney Cockerell 2009-01
Such Friends: The Work of W.B. Yeats 1999-02
Successors of St Augustine 1997-03
Struggle for Britain's Freedoms and Rights 2008-04
Stinehour Press: Work of the First Fifty Years 2004-02
Stanley Morison: a Portrait 1971-01
Stanley Morison: a Portrait 1971-03
Stad van Boeken; Handschrift en Druk in Leiden, 1260-2000 2008-03
St Petersburg: Window on the East, Window on the West 2003-04

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