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Pietro Bembo e l'Invenzione del Rinascimento 2013-02
Pierre-Lucien Martin 1987-02
Pierre Jean Jouve 2015-01
Pierpont Morgan: Banker and Collector 1999-03
Picturing Africa: Illustrating Livingstone's Travels 2013-03
Paul Thiry von Holbach, Philosoph der Aufklärung 1989-04
Paul Sandby: Picturing Britain 2010-02
Paul Mellon's Legacy: a Passion for British Art 2008-01
Past Present at Getty Research 2005-02
Paris 1400: les Arts sous Charles VI 2004-03
Papiers Marbrés: Reliures Princières... 1988-01
Palladio 2009-02
Pall Mall Libraries, Association of 2007-04
Out of the Shadows: MacDonald Gill 2013-04
Oscar Wilde: From Decadence to Despair 2018-01
Oscar Wilde, L'Impertinent Absolu 1854-1900 2017-01
Ornamented Types 1994-02
Origins of European Printmaking 2006-01
Oriental Gardens 1992-03
Orchidomania! 1993-02
Or Not To Be: Shakespeare's Dead 2016-03
One Hundred Famous Chilren's Books 2015-01
Officina Bodoni 1954-04
Ocean Flowers: Impressions from Nature in the Victorian Era 2004-03
NRF 2009-02
Now and Forever: The Art of Medieval Time 2017-04
Nothing Else But Noise and Dance 1996-03
Noel Carrington and His Puffin Picture Books 1993-01
Nihil Obstat 2005-02
Netherlandish Block-Books, a Quincentenary 1967-03
Nabokov under Glass 1999-02
Music 2003-04
Murder in the Library: an A-Z of Crime Fiction 2013-02
Mughal Paintings from the British Library 1998-01
Mughal India, Art, Culture and Empire 2013-01
MSS and Early Printing Originating in Germany 1970-01
Mrs Mary Delany and the Duchess of Portland 2010-02
Mr Boswell 1968-02
Mozart 1956-01
Mostra di Codici Petrarcheschi 1974-04

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