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Charles Dickens 1970-04
Stanley Morison: a Portrait 1971-01
Stanley Morison: a Portrait 1971-03
Bavarian State Library 1971-03
The Literature of the Italian Reformation 1971-04
Great American Book Collectors to 1800 1971-04
Marcel Proust et son Temps 1972-03
Early American Bookbindings from...M. Papantonio 1973-03
The Persian Art of the Book 1973-03
100 Modern Books from England, France, the US, 1800-1950 1973-04
Documents Famous and Infamous 1973-04
Boswell + Johnson: The Highland Adventure 1974-01
Birds in Books 1974-02
Architecture and Gardening 1974-02
Printing and the Mind of Man 1974-03
American Type Founding and Printed Book, 1725-1900 1974-04
Mostra di Codici Petrarcheschi 1974-04
500 Years of Donations [to Glasgow University Library] 1976-01
Art and Its Images 1976-01
The Survival of Ancient Literature 1976-01
Tally Ho! 400 Years of Foxhunting 1976-02
US Independence: a Literary Panorama, 1770-1850 1976-02
Caxtoniana 1976-03
Revolutionary America 1976-04
The New World in...an Old European Library 1977-01
Anglo-Saxon Vernacular Manuscripts in America 1977-01
A Rising People: the Founding of the United States 1765-1789 1977-01
Artists at Curwen 1977-02
Advocates' Library [of Scotland] 1978-01
Randolph Caldecott 1978-01
Three Centuries of Scottish Archaeology 1978-03
The Eighteenth Century Views the Past 1978-04
Shelley and his Circle 1978-04
Color Printing in England 1978-04
Bewick Sesquicentenary 1978-04
Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts at Yale 1978-04
Andrew Marvell 1979-01
Printing in India 1979-01
Russian Futurists 1979-01
Bookbinding before 1600 1979-04

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