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An Elixir of Letters 2017-04
Creative Lives: the Duval and Hamilton Partnership 2017-04
Types Designed by Berthold Wolpe 2017-04
The Luther Bible and Printing Press 2017-04
Harry Potter: a History of Magic 2018-01
Landscapes Below: Mapping and the New Science of Geology 2018-01
Ian Fleming: from Bibliophile to Bond 2018-01
Dame Muriel Spark 2018-01
Women in the American Wilderness 2018-01
Oscar Wilde: From Decadence to Despair 2018-01
Voyages: a Journey in Books 2018-01
Les Routes de la Traduction 2018-01
Readings in Science Fiction and the Fantastic 1762-2017 2018-01
'Voice and Vote: Women's Place in Parliament' 2018-02
'Haute Lecture by Colard Mansion: Innovating Text and Image in Mediaeval Bruges' 2018-02
The Suffragettes 2018-02
'Berthold Wolpe: the Total Man' 2018-02
James Cook, the Voyages 2018-03
The Magic of Handwriting 2018-03
John Ruskin: La Pietra di Venezia 2018-03
Terrors, Aliens and Wonders 2018-03
Tolkien: Maker of Middle-Earth 2018-03
Yo Ho Ho!: An Exhibition of Nautical Books and Prints at the Book Club of California 2018-04
The Lost Treasures of Strawberry Hill 2018-04
The Last Tsar: Blood and Revolution 2018-04
Lawrence of Oxford 2019-01
Repton Revealed: the Art of Landscape Gardening 2019-01
Five Hundred Years of Working Women 2019-01
Walt Whitman: Bard of Democracy 2019-02
John Ruskin: the Power of Seeing 2019-02

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