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P.H. Muir, Further Reminiscences Pt 06* P.H. Muir 1959-02
English Literary Autographs Pt 30* (Robert Burns) T.J. Brown 1959-02
Printing in Italy in the Seventeenth Century* D.E. Rhodes 1959-02
P.H. Muir, Further Reminiscences Pt 07* P.H. Muir 1959-03
English Literary Autographs Pt 31* (A.E. Housman) T.J. Brown 1959-03
Candide: a Perennial Problem* Desmond Flower 1959-03
Uncollected Authors Pt 21* (Arthur Ransome) Anthony Rota 1959-03
Bibliophiles Pt 02* (Thomas Coke, Earl of Leicester) W.O. Hassall 1959-03
Bookbindings, English, Pt 30* ( The Dudley Binder, 1558) Howard Nixon 1959-03
Contemporary Collectors Pt 21* (Tammaro de Marinis) Irving Davis 1959-03
An Unrecorded Spanish Incunable in Moscow* N.P. Kiselev 1959-03
Thomas Coke, Earl of Leicester, 1679-1759* W.O. Hassall 1959-03
Arthur Ransome* Anthony Rota 1959-03
Bookbindings, English, Pt 31* ( Lubbock of Newcastle, 1820) Howard Nixon 1959-04
Contemporary Collectors Pt 22* (James Marshall Osborn) Laurence Witten 1959-04
James Osborn Laurence Witten 1959-04
Printing Types at O.U.P. J.S.G. Simmons 1959-04
P.H. Muir, Further Reminiscences Pt 08* P.H. Muir 1959-04
English Literary Autographs Pt 32* (Oliver Goldsmith) T.J. Brown 1959-04
Richard Jennings C.H.B.Kitchin 1959-04
Uncollected Authors Pt 22* (Elizabeth Griffith) J.E. Norton 1959-04
Bibliophiles Pt 03* (Richard Jennings) C.H.B. Kitchin 1959-04
Elizabeth Griffith J.E. Norton 1959-04
William Schevez* George Bushnell 1960-01
Lawrence Durrell* Thomas & Powell 1960-01
Uncollected Authors Pt 23* (Lawrence Durrell) Alan G. Thomas 1960-01
Prince Louis-Lucien Bonaparte, his Private Press and Publishing* Albert Ehrman 1960-01
Bibliophiles Pt 04* (W. Schevez, Archbishop of St Andrews) George Bushnell 1960-01
Grolier's Binders, Pt 1* Howard Nixon 1960-01
Bookbindings, English, Pt 32* ( Charles Mearne's Shop, 1680) Howard Nixon 1960-01
Contemporary Collectors Pt 23* ( Maître Maurice Loncle) Arthur Rau 1960-01
English Literary Autographs Pt 33* (John Bunyan) T.J. Brown 1960-01
My Fair Lady* Anonymous 1960-02
English Literary Autographs Pt 34* (Thomas de Quincey) T.J. Brown 1960-02
Uncollected Authors Pt 24* ('Estimate' Brown) Sir Sydney Roberts 1960-02
Estimate Brown* S.C. Roberts 1960-02
The Matenadaran Library at Erevan* G. Abgarian 1960-02
Grolier's Binders, Pt 2* Howard Nixon 1960-02
Bookbindings, English, Pt 33* (Frances Bedford, 1866) Howard Nixon 1960-02
Unfamiliar Libraries Pt 06* (Matenadaran at Erevan) G. Abgarian 1960-02

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