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Bookbindings, English, Pt 10* ( Charles Lewis, 1812) Howard Nixon 1954-02
Elkin Mathews Pt 9* ("The Depression") P.H. Muir 1954-02
Memorandum Book of Henry Rhodes, 1695-1720 Pt 2* Cyprian Blagden 1954-02
English Literary Autographs Pt 10* (Thomas Chatterton) T.J. Brown 1954-02
An Irish Bookbinding* Howard Nixon 1954-03
English Literary Autographs Pt 11* ( William Blake) T.J. Brown 1954-03
John Hamilton Reynolds* Bent Juel-Jensen 1954-03
Contemporary Collectors Pt 02* (Broxbourne Library) Albert Ehrman 1954-03
German Renaissance Patrons of Bookbinding* G.D. Hobson 1954-03
A.J.A. Symons Pt 1* P.H. Muir 1954-03
The Broxbourne Library* Albert Ehrman 1954-03
Uncollected Authors Pt 03* (John Hamilton Reynolds) Bent Juel-Jensen 1954-03
Uncollected Authors Pt 04* (Saint Evremond) Denys C. Potts 1954-04
Bookbindings, English, Pt 11* ( Southey's 'Cottonian' Library) Howard Nixon 1954-04
A Bookseller's Daybook of 1622* A.N.L. Munby 1954-04
Officina Bodoni Exhibition Stanley Morison 1954-04
English Literary Autographs Pt 12* (Samuel Taylor Coleridge) T.J. Brown 1954-04
Saint Evremond Denys Potts 1954-04
The Robert Taylor Collection Robert Taylor 1954-04
Contemporary Collectors Pt 03* (Author's Collection) Robert H. Taylor 1954-04
German Renaissance Patrons of Bookbinding* G.D. Hobson 1954-04
A.J.A. Symons P.H. Muir 1954-04
English Literary Autographs Pt 13* (Wordsworth) T.J. Brown 1955-01
Incunabula in Cambridge University Library* George Painter 1955-01
Contemporary Collectors Pt 04* ( The Rothschild Library) David Holland 1955-01
Missale Speciale Constantiense* V. Scholderer 1955-01
Frederick Rolfe* Cecil Woolf 1955-01
Uncollected Authors Pt 05* (Frederick Rolfe/ Baron Corvo) Cecil Woolf 1955-01
The Revised STC* W.A. Jackson 1955-01
Bookbindings, English, Pt 12* ( The Naval Binder, c. 1675) Howard Nixon 1955-01
Modern First Edition Collecting Since 1939* A.T. Miller 1955-01
Children's Books Exhibition at Pierpont Morgan Library* W. Schatzki 1955-01
A.J.A. Symons Pt 2* P.H.Muir 1955-02
A.E. Housman Manuscript in the Library of Congress* John Carter 1955-02
Michael Drayton: A Drayton Collection* Bent Juel-Jensen 1955-02
English Literary Autographs Pt 14* (John Clare) T.J. Brown 1955-02
Some Uncatalogued Manuscripts of Tennyson* K.W. Gransden 1955-02
Contemporary Collectors Pt 05* (Author's Collection) Michael Sadleir 1955-02
Uncollected Authors Pt 06* (John Marshall, Infant's Library) S. Roscoe 1955-02
John Marshall and the Infant's Library* S. Roscoe 1955-02

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