Nick ter Wal and Friedo Lampe

Friedo Lampe At The Edge of the Night
Nick ter Wal of has put out his first two catalogues. Fifteen titles are offered in Provenance (Catalogus 1) including three editions of Spinoza. In stock are rare editions in Dutch of Flaubert and Wilde and ‘a series of booklets printed in the 1980s by an Amsterdam-based plumber in only four copies’.
In our Summer 2018 issue, Simon Beattie wrote on Friedo Lampe for our Uncollected Author series. He has now translated Lampe’s first novel At the Edge of the Night, which was banned by the Nazis and has only appeared in expurgated form in German post-war editions. It’s published by Hesperus Press and has been well received in the press. An excerpt can be found here on the Granta website.

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