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Title Section Sub Category Author Dealer Lived Publication
Michael Joseph, Master of Words, by Richard Joseph, 1986 Books Reviewed 1987-04
James, B. LL. Contributors and Reviewers 1977-02
Rider Haggard, H. Author Bibliographies 1989-02
A Bloomsbury Iconography, by Elizabeth P. Richardson, 1989 Books Reviewed 1990-01
Tennyson, 'The Maid of Astolat' Articles M.G. Wiebe 1974-03
Clarke, Stephen Contributors and Reviewers 2009-02
Barker, Nicolas Contributors and Reviewers 2017-04
English Literary Autographs Pt 37* (A.C. Swinburne) Articles T.J. Brown 1961-01
The Vinegar Bible Articles B.J. McMullin 1984-01
Henry Miller Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Joseph the Provider 1982-03
Valentine, Mark Contributors and Reviewers 2015-04
The Flora Graeca Story: Sibthorp, Bauer and Hawkins in the Levant, by H. Walter Lack with D. Mabberley, 1999 Books Reviewed 2000-01
Morgan, Paul Contributors and Reviewers 1986-04
Coane, Stephanie Contributors and Reviewers 2018-04
Byron: English Bards... Spurious 5th Edition. Variants... Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1974-03
Concise Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature, 600-1950, edited by G. Watson, 1958 Books Reviewed 1959-01
Cambridge Illuminations Exhibitions 2005-04
Foot, Mirjam (see also Romme, M.) Contributors and Reviewers 2002-04
Musical Epitaphs Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1957-02
Libraries and the National Literary Heritage: Two Views from Europe Articles Nicolas Barker 1985-02
The Yeats Family and the Book Circa 1900 Exhibitions 2000-02
Bookbindings, English & Foreign, Pt 093 (Oxford 1488-9) Articles Paul Morgan 2002-01
Library of W.G. Kerr Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Quaritch no. 1363 2008-02
Kerr, Ewen Obituaries 1912-1997 1997-03
Quiller-Couch's Library Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Charles Cox no. 23 1983-04
Potter, Jeremy Contributors and Reviewers 2006-03
J. Cunningham's Day: A Pastoral: Illustrator to 1854 Ed. Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1969-04
Kroppen, Konst och Vetenskap, edited by Lena Holger, 2005 Books Reviewed 2008-02
Randolph Caldecott Exhibitions 1988-01
Hoover, John Neal Contributors and Reviewers 1995-03
Conrad, Joseph Author Bibliographies 1965-02
Unrecorded Attack on Thoreau Bibliographic Notes and Queries 2015-01
Sheila Markham Interviews 09 (Jolyon Hudson) Articles Sheila Markham 2013-03
Brown T.J. Contributors and Reviewers 1965-03
More Books from the Library of John Donne [Pt 2] Articles Hugh Adlington 2012-01
Art Publishing Articles R. De Beaumont 1999-04
William Wycherley: Bibliographical Notes Articles Anon 1947-03
Street Literature Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Jarndyce no. 170 2007-03
St Clair, William Contributors and Reviewers 1975-04
The Art of the Book in the Twentieth Century, by Jerry Kelly, 2011 Books Reviewed 2013-01

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