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Title Section Sub Category Author Dealer Publication
Stinehour Press: Work of the First Fifty Years Exhibitions 2004-02
Livres en Bouche Exhibitions 2002-02
Oscar Wilde: From Decadence to Despair Exhibitions 2018-01
Houghton Library MSS: The Marks in the Fields Exhibitions 1992-02
Edward Gordon Craig and Hamlet Exhibitions 2009-04
Braille Exhibitions 2015-04
The World at War, 1914-1918 Exhibitions 2014-02
Private Eye - The First Fifty Years Exhibitions 2011-03
A.M. Cassandre Exhibitions 2006-01
Terror and Wonder: the Gothic Imagination Exhibitions 2014-04
Marc Brunel's Thames Tunnel Exhibitions 1993-03
Incline Press: The Books of Jonah Exhibitions 2009-03
Ephemera: les Imprimés de Tous les Jours, 1880-1930 Exhibitions 2002-02
Celebrating John Ruskin 1819-1900 Exhibitions 2000-01
Time: the Greatest Innovator Exhibitions 1987-02
Revolutionary America Exhibitions 1976-04
Ambition and Distraction: Silas Mainville Burroughs, 1846-95 Exhibitions 2004-01
The Brontes, War and Waterloo Exhibitions 2015-02
Medieval Bestseller Exhibitions 1997-03
John Evelyn Exhibitions 1953-04
Fleming: "For Your Eyes Only" Exhibitions 2008-03
Classical Studies Exhibitions 1959-04
Verses for the Queen [Elizabeth I] Exhibitions 1993-02
Ruskin's Italy, Ruskin's England Exhibitions 2000-04
Art and Its Images Exhibitions 1976-01
The Genius of France in the 17th Century Exhibitions 1994-04
Mozart Exhibitions 1956-01
Late Victorians: Portraits ...from the Mark Lasner Collection Exhibitions 2007-04
George Washington and the American Republic Exhibitions 1999-04
Dante in Text and Image Exhibitions 2006-01
West Africa: Word, Symbol, Song Exhibitions 2015-04
Shelley's Ghost: Reshaping the Image of a Literary Family Exhibitions 2011-01
Beautiful Birds Exhibitions 2000-01
The Name and Nature of A.E. Housman Exhibitions 1988-01
One Hundred Famous Chilren's Books Exhibitions 2015-01
Les Mots et les Monnaies Exhibitions 2013-01
Aldus Manutius: a Legacy More Lasting than Bronze Exhibitions 2016-04
Hallelujah! The British Choral Tradition Exhibitions 2009-02
Die Wunderbare Neue Welt Exhibitions 1984-03
William Walton, Composer Exhibitions 2002-04

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