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Title Section Sub Category Author Dealer Publication
German Fine Printing Exhibitions 1970-03
Darwin Exhibitions 2009-02
Western Calligraphy from the Roman Period to 1900 Exhibitions 1981-01
Shouting in the Evening: British Theatre 1956-1996 Exhibitions 1996-04
Betjeman, Sir John Exhibitions 2007-01
The New World Exhibitions 1957-03
Oriental Gardens Exhibitions 1992-03
Letterwriting in Renaissance England Exhibitions 2005-01
Richard le Gallienne: Liverpool's Wild(e) Poet Exhibitions 2016-04
Handmade Readings Exhibitions 1995-03
Documents Famous and Infamous Exhibitions 1973-04
Woman to Woman Exhibitions 1996-01
Julius Echter, Patron der Künste Exhibitions 2017-04
Boccaccio Exhibitions 2014-01
The Sitwells Exhibitions 1994-04
Plants in Print: The Age of Botanical Discovery Exhibitions 2009-02
A Celebration of Contemporary Poetry Exhibitions 1994-03
Such Friends: The Work of W.B. Yeats Exhibitions 1999-02
Looking East Exhibitions 1997-04
Hugh Thomson Exhibitions 1989-02
Eliza Draper: an Absent Presence [at Shandy Hall] Exhibitions 2012-03
John Ruskin: the Power of Seeing Exhibitions 2019-02
Broxbourne Bookbindings Exhibitions 2009-04
The World of Letitia Elizabeth Landon Exhibitions 2011-02
Pushkin to Nabokov: Russian Literature at Yale Exhibitions 2000-03
Advocates' Library [of Scotland] Exhibitions 1978-01
The Agricultural Lanscape in England 1780-1890 Exhibitions 1994-01
Mardersteig Exhibitions 1981-04
Islam in Africa Exhibitions 2007-04
Exhibitions: For All the World to See Exhibitions 1992-04
Charles Dickens Exhibitions 1970-04
Treasures for the Nation Exhibitions 1989-02
Richard Doyle Exhibitions 1984-01
American Type Founding and Printed Book, 1725-1900 Exhibitions 1974-04
The Dark Side of the Enlightenment Exhibitions 1984-03
Medieval Manuscripts on Merseyside Exhibitions 1993-03
Or Not To Be: Shakespeare's Dead Exhibitions 2016-03
John Wesley Exhibitions 2003-03
Folio Society, 60th Anniversary Exhibitions 2008-01
Colour and the Dutch Golden Age Exhibitions 2016-01

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