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Title Section Sub Category Author Dealer Publication
English Poetry from Wordsworth to Yeats Exhibitions 1995-01
Caxton Club: Disbound and Dispersed Exhibitions 2005-03
Three Centuries of Scottish Archaeology Exhibitions 1978-03
Renaissance Journalism and the Birth of the Newspaper Exhibitions 2009-01
All Good Friends: Friends of Cambridge University Library Exhibitions 2005-01
The Book of Common Prayer Exhibitions 2012-03
Five Hundred Years of Working Women Exhibitions 2019-01
Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts at Yale Exhibitions 1978-04
John Dee: his Lost Library Exhibitions 2016-02
First Roman Printers and the Idioms of Humanism Exhibitions 1989-03
Churchill: The War Years Exhibitions 1998-01
Verbum Domini Exhibitions 2012-02
Royal Academy: Photography as a Fine Art Exhibitions 1990-01
Armenian Illuminated Gospel-Books Exhibitions 1988-02
The Fancy Picture in Eighteenth-Century British Art Exhibitions 1998-02
Mormon Imprints in Great Britain and the Empire, 1836-1857 Exhibitions 1990-02
Lampooning Religious Belief in Eighteenth-Century Britain Exhibitions 2011-04
George Eliot Exhibitions 1981-01
Daniel Defoe Exhibitions 1960-03
Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass (1855-2005) Exhibitions 2005-04
Shelley and his Circle Exhibitions 1978-04
Beatrix Potter Exhibitions 1988-02
The Medieval Imagination Exhibitions 2008-03
Ocean Flowers: Impressions from Nature in the Victorian Era Exhibitions 2004-03
Les Livres de Notre Dame (11e - 18e siècles) Exhibitions 2013-01
Hahn, Emily Exhibitions 2005-02
Deux Siècles de Passions Littéraires Exhibitions 1997-04
William Morris and the Crafts Today Exhibitions 1996-02
Creative Lives: the Duval and Hamilton Partnership Exhibitions 2017-04
Blood on Paper Exhibitions 2008-03
The Romance of the Middle Ages Exhibitions 2012-02
Pierpont Morgan: Banker and Collector Exhibitions 1999-03
500th Anniversary of the Birth of John Calvin Exhibitions 2009-04
Stanley Morison: a Portrait Exhibitions 1971-03
Livres du Cabinet de Pierre Berès Exhibitions 2004-02
Landscapes Below: Mapping and the New Science of Geology Exhibitions 2018-01
Horace Walpole's Strawberry Hill Exhibitions 2010-01
Edgar Allan Poe Exhibitions 2014-04
Botanica in Originali Exhibitions 1993-03
The Work of George Cruikshank, Illustrator Exhibitions 1985-02

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