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Title Section Sub Category Author Dealer Lived Publication
Earliest Dated Woodcut Bookplate Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1959-04
Shaw and Shaviana Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1962-03
'Love in Earnest' 1892: The Author's Copy Articles David Hall 1978-02
Barber, Giles Contributors and Reviewers 1975-01
Chromolithography Articles Nicolas Barker 2015-01
Ashendene Press Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Tenschert 1992-03
Samuel, Howard Obituaries d. 1960 1961-03
Privately Printed Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Franklin no. 5 1973-01
Rota, Bertram Contributors and Reviewers 1959-04
Pierre Legrain, Relieur, Introduction by Jacques Millot, 1965 Books Reviewed 1966-02
King, Edmund Contributors and Reviewers 1998-02
Night Manager at Quill & Brush Articles 2017-02
An American Bookbuilder in England and Wales: Reminiscences of the Seven Acres and Gregynog Presses, by Lord Haberly, 1979 Books Reviewed 1979-03
Uncollected Authors Pt 12* (Sir William Watson) Articles Cecil Woolf 1956-04
Cranfield, G.A. Contributors and Reviewers 1953-04
Arnold, Matthew Autographs 1963-02
Folio Society: My Tutankhamen Moment Articles Bryan Forbes 2008-01
The Binding of the Coronation Bible* Articles Lynton Lamb 1953-02
Books, Prints, Posters 1883-1910 Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject L'Art Ancien, Zurich 1973-04
West, Anthony James Contributors and Reviewers 1994-03
The Mainz Psalters and Canon Missal, 1457-1459, 1954 Books Reviewed 1954-03
Muir, P.H. Contributors and Reviewers 1977-02
Early Books on Cricket, by David Allen, 1987 Books Reviewed 1988-03
Duke Humfrey's Library & The Divinity School, 1488-1988 Exhibitions 1988-04
Freeman, Arthur Contributors and Reviewers 1991-01
Constance Holme Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1977-02
Post-Dating Books in the 17th Century Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1971-02
The Book Trade in Medieval Paris Articles Nicolas Barker 2002-01
Writing Poetry: Manuscript Verse, 250 BC to 2000 AD Exhibitions 2004-02
The British Library Articles Nicolas Barker 1997-04
Russia Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Rosenbad Antique Books 2002-01
Morison, Stanley Obituaries 1889-1967 1968-01
Love and Marriage Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject David Mason no. 90 2015-02
Rendell, Simon Contributors and Reviewers 1996-01
Margaret Bruce Wells: The Complete Wood-Engravings and Linocuts, by Jeremy Greenwood, 2000 Books Reviewed 2001-03
Jackson, Ian Contributors and Reviewers 1992-01
Wm Ged and the Invention of Stereotype Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1958-03
Swift's Library Revisited: William Street, 1746 Articles Arthur Freeman 1989-01
Carter, Sebastian Contributors and Reviewers 2013-01
Moore, George Author Bibliographies 1972-03

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