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Title Section Sub Category Author Dealer Publication
300 Years of Ukrainian Emigré Political Culture Exhibitions 2011-01
St Petersburg: A Portrait of a Great City Exhibitions 2003-04
Lives on the Mississippi: Literature...along the Great River Exhibitions 2010-02
Colour: the Art and Science of Mediaeval Manuscripts Exhibitions 2016-04
Voyages: a Journey in Books Exhibitions 2018-01
Histore des Indes Exhibitions 2013-04
Early American Images Exhibitions 2005-04
Yiddish has not yet Said its Last Word Exhibitions 1998-01
Books on Clocks and Time Exhibitions 2008-01
The Vaporiser Watercolours of Charles Maurin Exhibitions 1986-02
Printing for Kingdom, Empire & Republic Exhibitions 2012-01
A Rising People: the Founding of the United States 1765-1789 Exhibitions 1977-01
Ta-ra-ra boom-de-ay: the British Music Hall, 1850-1920 Exhibitions 2005-04
Manifold Greatness Exhibitions 2011-03
An Elixir of Letters Exhibitions 2017-04
Im Garten der Palme Exhibitions 1993-02
En Français Dans Le Texte, 842 to 1990 Exhibitions 1990-03
Carta Azzura: Hebrew Printing on Blue Paper Exhibitions 1995-03
Theatrum Scotiae Exhibitions 1993-03
Raymond Danowski Poetry Library Exhibitions 2009-01
Alfred A. and Blanche W. Knopf, Publishers Exhibitions 1955-03
The Benedictines in Britain Exhibitions 1980-03
'Haute Lecture by Colard Mansion: Innovating Text and Image in Mediaeval Bruges' Exhibitions 2018-02
Matisse, Books Illustrated by Exhibitions 2016-02
Jean-Jacques Rousseau Face aux Arts Visuels Exhibitions 2003-01
Fine Bindings 1500-1700 from Oxford Libraries Exhibitions 1968-03
Churchill: the Evidence Exhibitions 1999-03
Ulysses Exhibitions 1999-01
Romilly Saumarez Smith: Bindings for Eileen Hogan Exhibitions 2009-03
Arab Culture and Ottoman Magnificence in Antwerp Exhibitions 2002-01
The End of a Royal Marriage! George IV and Queen Caroline Exhibitions 1997-01
Modernists in New Mexico...1916-1941 Exhibitions 1999-02
Lafayette: Citizen of Two Worlds Exhibitions 2007-04
From Gutenberg to Gone with the Wind Exhibitions 2001-02
Cultivating Gardens Exhibitions 2003-03
Voices of Tolerance in an Age of Persecution Exhibitions 2004-03
Shakespeare, the 400th Anniversary of his Birth Exhibitions 2016-01
Bardo Matrix: a Kathmandu Beat Poetry Press Exhibitions 2014-02
The Literature of the Italian Reformation Exhibitions 1971-04
Noel Carrington and His Puffin Picture Books Exhibitions 1993-01

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