Polar Special Edition


The Book Collector Autumn 2018 Cover

Polar Special Edition - 256 pages with 21 Illustrations

The Arctic Narratives of John Murray, Publisher to the Admiralty Anne Peale

Frankenstein Sammy Jay

Scribes in Ice and Darkness Fergus Fleming

On the Polar Shelf Fergus Fleming

Oates on Oates Bryan Oates

Books in the National Trust Polar Tim Pye

Nobu Shirase Gautam Hazarika

Aurora Australis Charles Boyle

Cherry James Fleming

Richard Kossow: The Markham Interviews (New Series) 22 Sheila Markham

A Binding by Edwards of Halifax for Elizabeth Ingilby, née Amcotts, c. 1780, English and Foreign Bookbindings 135 Mirjam M. Foot

Seven More Books from the Library of John Donne Hugh Adlington


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