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Index Entry Author View PDF
An Association Copy Matthew Haley 2019-04
An Association Copy Alan Klein 2020-02
An Association Copy (Horace Walpole) Stephen Clarke 2020-03
An Attempt at a Union List of Editions of Melville, 1846-91 Richard Colles Johnson 1970-03
An Early Oxford Binding David Rogers 1975-01
An Embroidered Binding for Charles I, 1630-1 Mirjam Foot 2011-04
An Encounter with G.B.S. Gilbert Fabes 1951-01
An Enquiry into An Enquiry * Richard Gullible 1967-02
An Essay in Bibliography: Laurie Lee Stephen Oliver-Jones 2019-04
An Extraordinary New Arrighi Manuscript Stefano Pagliaroli 2016-02
An Important Scottish Anatomical Publication Joe Rock 2000-01
An Irish Bookbinding* Howard Nixon 1954-03
An Italian Book Printed in Soho Marino Parenti 1948-06
An Old Boot at Cambridge* J.C.T. Oates 1961-03
An Ordinary Bloke at Gregynog Nicolas Barker 2011-04
An Unpublished Grolier at Winchester College Richard Foster 2015-02
An Unrecorded Poem by Sir William Petty Geoffrey Keynes 1974-02
An Unrecorded Spanish Incunable in Moscow* N.P. Kiselev 1959-03
An Unsolicited Review* John Carter 1969-01
Anatomy of an Auction: Post-operational notes Arthur Freeman 1992-03
André Langlois Arthur Rau 1957-02
Angela James, Craft Bindings Dorothy Harrop 1987-03
Anglo-Saxon Bindings Graham Pollard 1975-01
Anglo-Saxon Life and Letters Nicolas Barker 2013-04
Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts at the British Library A.S.G. Edwards 2018-04
Ann Baer at 100 Sheila Markham 2014-03
Anne Buck at The Times Book Club 1933-38 Simon Houfe 2011-01
Anthony Gardner, Craft Bindings Dorothy Harrop 1973-02
Anthony Robert Alwyn Hobson Nicolas Barker 1991-03
Anthony Surtees Sheila Markham 2015-03
Archbishops Whitgift and Bancroft, their Libraries James Carley 2013-02
Archdeacon Francis Wrangham Alan Bell 1976-04
Armorial Binding Stamp 'Carpe Diem' Hobson & Woodcock 2005-04
Arrighi & Papal Briefs A. Fairbank 1970-03
Arrighi Manuscript, Another Discovery A. Fairbank 1971-03
Arrighi Manuscripts, Two More Vera Law 1978-03
Arrighi, Another Manuscript A. Fairbank 1974-04
Arrighi: New Clues to his Early Life Martin Antonetti 2012-02
Art Publishing R. De Beaumont 1999-04
Arthur Amory Houghton Jr, 1906-1990, an Obituary W.H. Bond 1990-04

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