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Index Entry Author View PDF
The Bodleian Library: a Valedictory Address David Vaisey 1999-02
The Bond Market: An 007 Price Index 2017-01
The Book as Artefact Nicolas Barker 1968-02
The Book Collector's Dilemma: A Browning Version Michael Meredith 2016-04
The Book Fancier James Fergusson 2017-02
The Book in France Nicolas Barker 1989-02
The Book of Common Prayer Nicolas Barker 2004-02
The Book Stamps of the Tollemache Family of Helmingham* Edward Wilson 1967-02
The Book Trade in 1984 - and After? Nicolas Barker 1984-04
The Book Trade in Medieval Paris Nicolas Barker 2002-01
The Books of Mencía de Mendoza N.G. Pérez 2009-03
The Bookseller as Diplomat G.E. Bentley Jr 1984-04
The Bookseller's 'Conclave' of July - August 1824 Bibliopole 2000-02
The Booksellers and the Plot: Luttrell Pamphlets David Knott 1974-02
The Bowdlers and their Family Shakespeare Colin Franklin 2000-02
The Bradfer-Lawrence Collection of Medieval Manuscripts A.S.G. Edwards 2004-01
The Bradmore Manuscript: Medicine and Memory in Early Modern England A.S.G. Edwards 2017-03
The British as Art Collectors Charles Sebag-Montefiore 2017-03
The British Library Nicolas Barker 1997-04
The British Library and the Library of John Evelyn Michael Hunter 1995-02
The British Museum* Nicolas Barker 1967-04
The Broxbourne Library* A. Fern 1956-03
The Broxbourne Library* Albert Ehrman 1954-03
The Burndy Library in Mitosis Bern Dibner 1977-04
The Cambridge Affair: the Ged-Fenner Venture B.J. McMullin 2008-02
The Case of the Stolen Chaucer Manuscript* A.S.G. Edwards 1972-03
The Cashel Cathedral Collection Fred. Alderson 1968-03
The Catalogue and the Card Nicolas Barker 1994-03
The Caxton Ovid* John Carter 1971-01
The Century Guild Hobby Horse Peter Frost 1978-03
The Chapbook Editions of the Lambs' 'Tales from Shakespear' David Foxon 1957-01
The Character of Letters Nicolas Barker 1997-03
The Chester Beatty Library* R.J. Hayes 1958-03
The Clerihew Gilmour & Wall 1980-01
The Codex in Britain* Nicolas Barker 1979-02
The Comte de Marnay: A Short Story* A.N.L. Munby 1958-01
The Corpse in the Piano Ann Baer 2014-03
The Cosin Manuscripts and George Davenport A.I. Doyle 2004-01
The Curse of Bernard Rosenthal Ian Jackson 2010-02
The Dainton Report* Nicolas Barker 1969-04

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