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Index Entry Author View PDF
The Broxbourne Library* Albert Ehrman 1954-03
The Burndy Library in Mitosis Bern Dibner 1977-04
The Cambridge Affair: the Ged-Fenner Venture B.J. McMullin 2008-02
The Case of the Stolen Chaucer Manuscript* A.S.G. Edwards 1972-03
The Cashel Cathedral Collection Fred. Alderson 1968-03
The Catalogue and the Card Nicolas Barker 1994-03
The Caxton Ovid* John Carter 1971-01
The Century Guild Hobby Horse Peter Frost 1978-03
The Chapbook Editions of the Lambs' 'Tales from Shakespear' David Foxon 1957-01
The Character of Letters Nicolas Barker 1997-03
The Chester Beatty Library* R.J. Hayes 1958-03
The Clerihew Gilmour & Wall 1980-01
The Codex in Britain* Nicolas Barker 1979-02
The Comte de Marnay: A Short Story* A.N.L. Munby 1958-01
The Corpse in the Piano Ann Baer 2014-03
The Cosin Manuscripts and George Davenport A.I. Doyle 2004-01
The Curse of Bernard Rosenthal Ian Jackson 2010-02
The Dainton Report* Nicolas Barker 1969-04
The Death of 'The Doctor': Ian Fleming Intervenes James Fergusson 2017-01
The Department of Manuscripts Nicolas Barker 1996-01
The Destruction of the Country House Library J. Saumarez Smith 2009-01
The Disraeli Library at Hughenden: Owners and Bookplates M. Spevack 2007-04
The Doctor [Dr A.S.W. Rosenbach]* C.G. Des Graz 1952-03
The Dome Paul West 1957-02
The Earl of Clarendon,1609 - 1674: Portrait of a Bibliophile* P.H. Hardacre 1958-04
The Early Education of a Book Collector John Emmerson 2014-03
The Edgeworths Colvin & Morgenstern 1977-01
The Edible Book Nicolas Barker 1977-02
The Edinburgh Tercentennial Alan Bell 1989-04
The Elizabethan Club Library Alan Bell 1986-03
The Elmer Belt Library of Vinciana Max Marmor 1989-03
The Encyclopédie in Eighteenth Century Ireland Máire Kennedy 1996-02
The Export of Manuscripts* Nicolas Barker 1969-02
The Fifteenth-Century Book in Britain Nicolas Barker 2007-02
The Fire at Dod's Warehouse in 1762 B.J. McMullin 1996-04
The First Edition of Rousseau's Emile* P.H. Muir 1952-02
The First Editions of 'The Farmer's Boy' Robert Ashby 1992-02
The First Foreign Phrase Book Nigel Stoughton 2015-03
The Flood at Florence: Two Years Later* Nicolas Barker 1969-01
The Forbes Library P.L. Heyworth 1970-03

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