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Index Entry Author View PDF
The Edinburgh Tercentennial Alan Bell 1989-04
The Elizabethan Club Library Alan Bell 1986-03
The Elmer Belt Library of Vinciana Max Marmor 1989-03
The Encyclopédie in Eighteenth Century Ireland Máire Kennedy 1996-02
The Export of Manuscripts* Nicolas Barker 1969-02
The Fifteenth-Century Book in Britain Nicolas Barker 2007-02
The Fire at Dod's Warehouse in 1762 B.J. McMullin 1996-04
The First Edition of Rousseau's Emile* P.H. Muir 1952-02
The First Editions of 'The Farmer's Boy' Robert Ashby 1992-02
The First Foreign Phrase Book Nigel Stoughton 2015-03
The Flood at Florence: Two Years Later* Nicolas Barker 1969-01
The Forbes Library P.L. Heyworth 1970-03
The Frick Art Reference Library Nicolas Barker 1992-02
The Friends of the National Libraries* John Ehrman 1954-01
The Game of Quadrille, a Congreve Attribution D.F. McKenzie 1985-02
The Garnett Family Book Collection J.L. Mitchell 2013-01
The Ghost Stories of M.R. James L.J. Lloyd 1947-04
The Ghost Stories of M.R. James* L.J. Lloyd 1952-02
The Golden Compasses Nicolas Barker 1974-02
The Great Intellectual Speculation: The Encyclopédie 1775-1800, by Robert Darnton, a Review Nicolas Barker 1980-02
The Greek Book Nicolas Barker 2012-01
The Grolier Codex* J.E.S. Thompson 1976-01
The Guild of St George Library James Dearden 1998-02
The Hartlebury Castle Library C. Penney 2011-03
The Histories of the Book David McKitterick 2000-01
The History of a Manuscript [Junius II]* B.J. Timmer 1952-01
The History of Libraries in Britain Nicolas Barker 2009-01
The History of Printing Types Nicolas Barker 1999-04
The History of the Book from Documents Nicolas Barker 1977-04
The History of the Book in Britain Nicolas Barker 2010-04
The History of the French Book Trade Nicolas Barker 1985-01
The Hours Press, Retrospect, Catalogue, Commentary* Nancy Cunard 1964-04
The House of Enschedé and Typefounding in the Netherlands Nicolas Barker 1980-01
The House of Guasp* Isabel Quigly 1953-04
The Howard Collection of Bibles in the Turnbull Library David Pearson 2001-02
The Hubbard Whale and The Jones Moby-Dick, Pt 1 G. Thomas Tanselle 1982-02
The Hubbard Whale and The Jones Moby-Dick, Pt 2 G. Thomas Tanselle 1982-03
The Ideal Library Nicolas Barker 1971-03
The Illuminated Book Nicolas Barker 1988-03
The Impact of Print Michael Hunter 1979-03

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