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A Lost Drawing by Taddeo Zuccaro 1963-02
A Manuscript Imprimatur 1953-01
A Misprint in The Origin of the Species 1971-01
A Newcastle Collection of Wood Blocks 1969-03
A Paris Imprint 1957-03
A Scott Facsimile 1957-01
A Second Edition of The Rugby Magazine, No. One [1] 1971-03
A Shorn Shagpat 1962-01
A Shropshire Lad with a Variant Title Page 1960-04
A Sidney Autograph 1964-01
A Sixteenth-Century Fragment 1952-04
A Special Copy of Galluci's Theatrum Mundi 1969-01
A Table in Heylyn's Observations 1963-04
A Table in Heylyn's Observations 1964-03
A Trade Binding 1956-03
A Trade Binding 1956-04
A Travelling Library 1958-01
A Travelling Library 1958-02
A Unique Provinciale Romanum at Kiev 1959-04
A Waterproof Binding 1953-04
A. Boswell's Copies of Anat. of Melancholy, 1621 &1624 Note 1957-04
A.E. Housman's Poetry & Prose: A Selection 1976-02
A.E. Housman: Bibliography 1991-02
Academic Prize Books 2000-03
Academic Prize Books 2001-01
Account Books of Ben. Collins of Salisbury 1968-04
Additions to the Bibliography of Virginia Woolf 1964-01
Admonition to Borrowers 1964-02
Advertisements in Cruikshank's The Bee and the Wasp 1962-03
Akenside's Ode to the...Earl of Huntingdon (1748) 1991-03
Akenside's Odes on Several Subjects (1745) 1984-03
Akenside's The Pleasures of Imagination 1956-01
Alan Wright and Gleeson White 1980-04
Alaric A. Watts, Poetical Sketches, (?) 1822 1972-01
Aldine Aetius - Two States 2014-01
Aleyn's The Historie of that Wise Prince 1957-02
Alice in Wonderland, Suppressed 1st Edition 1952-02
Alice in Wonderland: Proof Illustrations 1957-02
Amanda M'Kittrick Ros 1953-03
Amatus Lusitanus (1511-1568) 1996-03

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