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Bulmer and the Roxburghe Catalogue 1957-02
Bulmer and the Roxburghe Catalogue 1957-03
Bulmer Printed? 1959-01
Bulmer's Poems of Goldsmith and Parnell 1959-01
Bulwer Lytton and George Stevenson 1957-03
Bunyan Signature in a Copy of the Bible 1959-04
Burke's Reflections on the Revolution in France 1955-01
Burnet's Some Passages of the Life...of Rochester (1680) 1972-02
Butler, Swinburne and Wise 1991-02
By Lytton or Grenville Murray? 1956-03
Byron's Dramas: Three Untraced MSS 1965-03
Byron's Metrical Tales 1970-03
Byron: English Bards... Spurious 5th Edition. Variants... 1974-03
C. & M. Lamb's Mrs Leicester's School 1955-01
C. Smith's Letters of a Solitary Wanderer: Dates of Pub. 1981-02
C.L. Dodgson's Correspondence 1964-03
Callierges' Pindar 1993-02
Cambridge Proof-Sheet of 1617 1954-03
Can You Forgive Her? 1953-02
Cancel Slips 1953-01
Cancel Slips 1954-02
Cancel Slips 1954-04
Cancellandum R2 in Boyle's Sceptic al Chymist 1661 1962-02
Cancels in Darley's Sylvia 1827 1961-03
Cancels in Darley's Sylvia 1827 1961-04
Cary: Dante 1952-01
Cary: Dante 1952-02
Castano Psalter 1486 1955-01
Castano Psalter 1486 1955-02
Castiglione's Il Cortegiano 1528 1991-04
Catalogue of Sir Edward Dering's Books 1986-01
Cavendish's Life of Wolsey 1954-04
Cecil Woolf: 'William Lisle Bowers' - Check-list 1977-02
Census of Coppernicus, De Revolutionibus 1978-04
Census of Extant Copies of Junius's Caedmon 1655 1962-02
Census of Printers' Catalogues 1997-02
Census of Printers' Catalogues 1997-04
Charles Cleland, Bookbinder, Edinburgh 1989-04
Charles Dickens's Library 1979-03
Charles Estienne's L'Agriculture et Maison Rustique 1992-01

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