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Type-Specimen of the Vatican Press 1628. Facsimile with Notes by H.D.L. Vervliet, 1967 1968-04
Type-Specimens of Claude Lamesle. Facsimile of the First Edition, Paris 1742. Introduced by A.F. Johnson, 1965 1968-04
Typefounding in America, 1787-1825, by Rollo G. Silver, 1965 1966-03
Typographia Batava, 1541-1600: a Repertorium of Books Printed in the North Netherlands 1541-1600, by Paul Blouw. 2 volumes, 1998 1999-02
Typographie & Bibliopolae Neerlandici Usque Ad Annum MDCC, by J.A. Gruys and C. De Wolf, 1980 1982-03
Un 'Intellectuel' avant la Lettre: Le Journaliste Pierre Bayle (1647-1706), by Hubert Bost, 1994 1995-01
Un Épisode Littéraire de la Fin du XVIIᵉ Siècle: La Mode des Contes de Fées (1685-1700), by Mary Elizabeth Storer, 1972 1972-04
Une Bibliothèque Bachique: Collection Kilian Fritsch, by Gérard Oberlé, 1992 1996-01
University of London Collection of the Works of Austin Dobson (1840-1921), Catalogue of, compiled by Alban T.A. Dobson, 1960 1960-04
Unsere Freunde, ein Bilderbuch rund um die Musik, 2017 P. Voss-Andreae 2018-03
Unsolved Problems in the Bibliography of J.-J. Rousseau, by R.A. Leigh, 1990 1992-02
Vermont Imprints 1778-1820, a Check-list, compiled by Marcus A. McCorison, 1963 1964-04
Verzierte Gotische Einbände im Alten Deutschen Sprachbebiet, Bildband II [by] Dr Ernst Kyriss, 1956 1957-01
Verzierte Gotische Einbände im Alten Deutschen Sprachgebiet, Tafelband III. By Dr Ernst Kyriss, 1958 1959-03
Victor Hammer: Artist and Printer, by Carolyn R. Hammer and others, 1981 1982-04
Victoria, R.I., [by David Magee], 2 Parts, 1969 1970-02
Victorian Book Design and Colour Printing, by Ruari McLean, 1963 1963-02
Victorian Book Design and Colour Printing, by Ruari McLean, revised edition, 1972 1973-02
Victorian Detective Fiction: the Collection Made by Dorothy Glover and Graham Greene, arranged by Eric Osborne. 500 copies, 1966 1967-02
Victorian Illustration: The Pre-Raphaelites, the Idyllic School and the High Victorians, by Paul Goldman, 1996 1997-01
Victorian Publishers' Book-Bindings in Cloth and Leather, by Ruari McLean, 1974 1974-02
Vincent Figgins Type Specimens 1801 and 1815. Facsimile with Notes by Berthold Wolpe, 1967 1968-01
Vocabulary in French and English, a Facsimile of Caxton's Edition, c. 1480, Introduction by Oates and Harmer, 1964 1964-04
Volume the Third, by Jane Austen, edited by Dr R.W. Chapman 1951-03
W.H. Auden, Poems 1927-1929, a Facsimile edited by Patrick Lawlor, 1989 1991-01
Walt Whitman's Blue Book. The 1860-61 Leaves of Grass, Vol. 1 Facsimile, Vol. 2 Text by Arthur Golden. 2 Volumes, 1968 1969-02
Washi: The World of Japanese Paper, by Sukey Hughes, 1978 1979-04
Western Books on China Published up to 1850 in the Library of S.O.A.S, by John Lust, 1987 1989-02
Whatman: James Whatman, Father & Son, by Thomas Balston, 1957 1958-01
William Beckford, Auteur de Vathek (1760-1844), Etude de la Création Littérraire, by André Parreaux, 1960 1960-04
William Blake's Commercial Book Illustrations: A Robert N. Essick, 1991 1992-01
William Blake's Jerusalem, Foreword by Geoffrey Keynes, [1952] 1953-02
William Blake: Catalogue of the Collection in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, edited by David Bindman, 1970 1972-01
William Blake: Jerusalem, the Emanation of the Giant Albion, edited by Morton D. Paley, 1991 1992-01
William Caxton and Early Printing in England, by Lottle Hellinga, 2010 2011-04
William Caxton and English Literary Culture, by N.F. Blake, 1991 1993-01
William Morris: His Art, Writings and His Public Life, by Aymer Vallance, 1986 1988-01
William Pickering Publisher, a Memoir and a Check-List, by Geoffrey Keynes. Revised edition, 1969 1970-03
William Somerset Maugham, a Catalogue of the Loren and Frances Rothschild Collection, edited by Loren Rothschild, 2001 2002-01
William Tinsley, 'Speculative Publisher', commentary by Peter Newbolt with a check-list 1854-1888, 2001 2005-01

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