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Bloomfield, B.C. 1984-02
Bloomfield, B.C. 1987-03
Bloomfield, B.C. 1989-03
Bloomfield, B.C. 1991-01
Bloomfield, B.C. 1999-03
Blunt, Wilfrid 1955-03
Blunt, Wilfrid 1955-04
Boffey, Julia 2006-01
Boffey, Julia 2018-04
Boisset-Astier, Claude 1981-02
Bond, W.H. 1957-01
Bond, W.H. 1975-04
Bond, W.H. 1990-04
Borsa, Gedeon 1957-03
Borsa, Gedeon 1958-01
Boxer, C.R. 1963-01
Bradbury, Sue 2008-01
Brand, C.P. 1965-04
Brand, C.P. 1968-01
Bregman, Alvan 2005-01
Breman, Paul 2002-04
Breslauer, B.H. 1960-04
Breslauer, B.H. 1975-01
Breslauer, B.H. 1982-04
Breslauer, B.H. 1988-01
Brewer, Richard E. 1987-01
Brian Alderson 2018-01
Brian McAvera 2017-04
Brightwell, G.W.E. 2011-02
Brimmell, R.A. 1968-03
Brimmell, R.A. 1969-02
Brittain, F. 1951-01
Brooker, T. Kimball 1997-01
Brooker, T. Kimball 1997-02
Brooker, T. Kimball 1998-04
Brooker, T. Kimball 1999-01
Brooks, Roger L. 1994-04
Brown T.J. 1952-01
Brown T.J. 1952-02
Brown T.J. 1952-03

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