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The Recovery of the Classic and...Learning in the West 1985-02
The Reformation of the Bible: Bible of the Refomation 1996-04
The Reign of Charles II 1986-03
The Representation of Fireworks in Early Modern Europe 1998-02
The Romance of the Middle Ages 2012-02
The Romanovs: Their Empire, Their Books 1997-04
The Secrets of Archimedes 2012-01
The Silent Messengers [Czech Memorial Scrolls Centre] 2008-04
The Sitwells 1994-04
The Spanish Church and the New World in the Golden Age 1984-03
The Splendor of the Word 2006-02
The Stinehour Press 2004-02
The Suffragettes 2018-02
The Survival of Ancient Literature 1976-01
The Triumph of Flemish Manuscript Painting in Europe 2004-01
The Turn of the Century 1885-1910 1970-04
The Unseen Rex Whistler 2013-01
The Vaporiser Watercolours of Charles Maurin 1986-02
The Wagners of Ulm 1980-03
The Wilde Controversies 1999-04
The Winterthur Library Revealed 2004-01
The Work of George Cruikshank, Illustrator 1985-02
The World at War, 1914-1918 2014-02
The World of John Bartholemew & Son 2013-02
The World of Learning around Johannes Vermeer 1996-02
The World of Letitia Elizabeth Landon 2011-02
The World of Playing Cards 1995-04
The Writer in the Garden 2005-01
The Wye Tour and its Artists 2010-03
The Yale Collection of German Literature 1913-2004 2004-03
The Yeats Family and the Book Circa 1900 2000-02
The Yellow Book: a Centenary Exhibition 1994-02
Theater and Anti-Theater in the 18th Century 2001-02
Theatrum Scotiae 1993-03
There's Nuffin like a Puffin 2010-04
This Boke is Myne 2003-01
Three Centuries of Scottish Archaeology 1978-03
Three Glasgow Book-Collectors 1970-03
Time and Timekeeping 2016-04
Time: the Greatest Innovator 1987-02

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