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Vellum Binding by J.S. Evans, c. 1840 Mirjam Foot 2011-03
Venetian Bindings for Mendoza Anthony Hobson 1975-01
Venice and London: Two Challenges David McKitterick 2002-02
Venice Revisited Arthur Rau 1968-01
Vicker's 'New Illustrated Periodicals' Marian Brown 1982-01
Victorian Pyrographic Puzzle Elaine Katz 2012-02
Voltaire and His Library* Vladimir Lublinsky 1958-02
Vox Populi, Vox Dei R.J. Goulden 1979-03
Voyages of an Eton Librarian Stephanie Coane 2018-04
W.G. Sebald R. Stoddard 2009-04
W.H. Ridler: Mapper of the 'Minor Roads' of Modern Press Printing Ann Ridler 2014-04
W.M. Rossetti and the Wise-Forman Conspiracy William E. Fredeman 1987-01
W.P. Watson's Edinburgh Collection of Autographs Alan Bell 1975-02
W.W. Greg: The Roof-Climber in his Times and Ours G. Warkentin 2014-02
Waddesdon Manor Library* A.R.A. Hobson 1959-02
Waddesdon: 'Projet de Bibliotheque' Nicolas Barker 2016-03
Wallace Stevens and his Books J.M. Edelstein 1974-01
Walpole and Geoffrey Keynes Wilmarth Lewis 1977-01
Wälsungenblut, Concerning the Affair* Marie Walter 1964-04
Walter Bowman John Feather 1982-01
Walter Oakeshott and The Winchester Bible Nicolas Barker 1981-02
Western Manuscripts in the Saltykov-Shchedrin Library* T.P. Voronova 1956-01
Western Siberian Scriptoria & Binderies* N.N. Pokrovskii 1971-01
Weston Library, a First Report Richard Ovenden 2015-02
Whatman the Great Nicolas Barker 1993-02
Whitaker's Almanac: An Ancient Whitaker* C.A. Prance 1952-04
Who printed the Constance Missal?* Curt Bühler 1957-03
Who was L.T.? Pt 1 T.K. Brooker 1998-04
Who was L.T.? Pt 2 T.K. Brooker 1999-01
Why Are There So Few 'War's? A John Ruskin Rarity 2018-01
Wilhelm Hauff Anna Simoni 1971-02
William A. Jackson Pt 1* James Walsh 1965-04
William A. Jackson Pt 2 James Walsh 1966-01
William A. Jackson: An Early Reminiscence Caroline Newton 2012-02
William Allingham, Pt 1 Mark Lasner 1990-02
William Allingham, Pt 2 Mark Lasner 1990-03
William and Hannah Mary Mitford 1948-05
William Barnes's Guide to Dorchester Bernard Jones 1986-03
William Bowles* Cecil Woolf 1958-03
William Bulmer, Fine Printer Peter Isaac 1988-02

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