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Author Societies: Walter de la Mare 2017-04
Author, Editor & Reader Nicolas Barker 1980-03
Autodidact Book Series in Edwardian Britain 1901-1914 Lauren O'Hagan 2020-01
Autograph Manuscripts of George Bernard Shaw Dr F.E. Loewenstein 1947-02
Bain's Bewick Nicolas Barker 1982-01
Balancing the Record David McKitterick 1989-03
Balsamo, Fahy and Other Heroes of Modern Italy Nicolas Barker 2007-04
Bamburgh Library* A.I. Doyle 1959-01
Banks's Florilegium Nicolas Barker 1989-01
Barnbougle Castle Library* C-ess of Rosebery 1962-01
Bartolomeo Sanvito Nicolas Barker 2010-01
Basil Blackwell Learns his Lesson Ian Jackson 2016-04
Basilisk and its Bookshop Charlene Garry 1985-02
Baskerville, a Collection William Barlow Jr 1989-02
Beatrix Potter Laurie Deval 1966-04
Beckford & Barnbougle C-ess of Rosebery 1965-03
Beckford and Nimby Pamby: Notes in Horace Walpole's 'Works' Stephen Clarke 2014-01
Beckford Society Stephen Clarke 2010-02
Beckford's 'A Dialogue in the Shades' Renato Rabaiotti 1989-02
Beckford's Modern Novel Writing 1795-6 David McKitterick 1992-01
Bell's Edition of Shakespeare's Plays John Wolfson 2012-04
Belton House: National Trust Libraries 10 Peter Hoare 2019-01
Bent Juel-Jensen's Collection Bent Juel-Jensen 1966-02
Bent Juel-Jensen, The Dispersal of his Collection Nicolas Barker 2008-03
Bentham Tracts in the Adams Collection, Quincy, Massachusetts James Crimmins 1994-02
Berkeley's Alciphron Vignettes C.P. Christianson 1985-01
Bernard H. Breslauer on his Eightieth Birthday 1998-04
Bernard Shaw's Beard Ann Baer 2011-03
Bernardo and Pietro Bembo, their Library Cecil Clough 1984-03
Bewick off a Barrow Ann Baer 2011-04
Bewick: A Second Gleaning* Iain Bain 1972-01
Bibliography and the Printing House* Nicolas Barker 1969-03
Bibliography of E.R. Eddison G.R. Hamilton 1947-01
Bibliography of Robert Bage E.A. Osborne 1947-01
Bibliography of the Ghost Stories E.A. Osborne 1947-04
Bibliography, the Way Forward Nicolas Barker 2010-02
Bibliomania: a Clinical Case-history Sir W. Paton 1988-02
Bibliomania: Hartshorne and Richard Heber, Pt 1 Arnold Hunt 1993-01
Bibliomania: Hartshorne and Richard Heber, Pt 2 Arnold Hunt 1993-02
Bibliophile Cutthroat Gangsterism': Ernst H. Kantorowicz on Bernard M. Rosenthal Ian Jackson 2018-01

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