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Adventures in Book Collecting L.J. Lloyd 1951-03
Adventures of a Bookseller's Runner Bernard J. Farmer 1951-04
After M.R. James* Nicolas Barker 1970-01
After Ten Years* John Carter 1961-04
Alan Wright, Illustrator Maleen Matthews 1979-04
Albert Ehrman Nicolas Barker 1970-04
Albert Ehrman* Nicolas Barker 1968-04
Alchemy in Britain II: Sir Hans Sloane's Manuscripts Anke Timmermann 2019-02
Alchemy in Britain III: James 'Paraffin' Young and John Ferguson's 'Bibliotheca Chemica' Anke Timmermann 2019-03
Alchemy in Britain IV: John 'Soda' Ferguson and the Creation of a Great Chymical Library Anke Timmermann 2019-04
Alchemy in Britain: a Collective Story Anke Timmermann 2019-01
Aldred Forman John Collins 1974-01
Aleister Crowley's 'Aceldama' (1898) T. D'Arch Smith 2007-02
Alexander Pope, Concealed Editions William Todd 1956-01
Alfred Charles de Rothschild D.W. Doughty 1971-02
Alice in Limbo J. Saumarez Smith 2013-01
Allan Ramsay the Younger: Pamphlets Iain Gordon Brown 1988-01
Amatus Lusitanus, Expurgation of his Books Dov Front 1998-04
Ambrose Bierce and 'In the Midst of Life' M.E. Grenander 1971-03
America, A Scandal: Pt 1 Nicolas Barker 1987-04
America, A Scandal: Pt 2 Nicolas Barker 1988-01
America: Cloth Cover Bindings of the 1830s E.B.M. King 1998-02
America: Evolution of the John Carter Brown Library Thomas Adams 2008-04
America: The American Book David McKitterick 1978-04
American Bibliophily John Carter 1956-04
American Libraries Nicolas Barker 2007-03
American State University Library Robert B. Downs 1957-03
Americana Nicolas Barker 1981-04
Among My Books: Margarita Philosophica, G Reisch Prof E.G.R. Taylor 1947-02
Among My Books: The Techno-Chemical Receipt Book W.S. Field 1947-01
Amulet, Curio, Text: the Bryce Miniature Qur'an Nick McBurney 2019-02
An 18th Century Irish Gentleman's Library Thomas Sadleir 1953-03
An Address to the Members of the London Library* T.S. Eliot 1952-02
An Agreement for Dorat's 'Fables' 1773 A. Griffiths 2008-02
An Ancient 'Whitaker' C.A. Prance 1950-08
An Ancient 'Whitaker' C.A. Prance 1950-09
An Appeal from Books to their Owners, c. 1818 J. Rosenblum 1992-03
An Association Copy Michael Caines 2020-01
An Association Copy Matthew Haley 2019-04
An Association Copy Alan Klein 2020-02

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