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An Enquiry into the Nature of Certain Nineteenth Century Pamphlets, by John Carter and Graham Pollard. 2nd edition n.d. 1984-01
An International Sourcebook of Paper History, by Irving P. Leif, 1978 1978-03
An Island in The Moon, by William Blake. Facsimile introduced by Michael Phillips, 1987 1988-03
An Italic Copybook: The Cataneo Manuscript, by Stephen Harvard, 1978 1982-04
Anecdotes Nicolas Contat dit Le Brun, edited by Giles Barber, 1980 1983-02
Angela Nuovo, 'Alessandro Paganino (1509-1538), 1990 1993-02
Anglo-Scottish Tracts, 1701-1714, a Descriptive Checklist, compiled by W.R. And V.B. McLeod, 1979 1982-02
Ann Taylor Gilbert's Album, edited by Christina Duff Stewart, 1978 1981-04
Annals of Printing...From the Earliest Times to 1950, by W. Turner Berry and H. Edmund Poole, 1966 1967-04
Annotated Dictionary of Fore-Edge Painting...The Fore-Edge Paintings of Miss C.B. Currie, 2010 2013-04
Anonymous and Pseudonymous English Literature, Dictionary of, Volume 9 by Dennis Rhodes and Anna Simoni, 1962 1962-02
Anonymous and Pseudonynous Literature, Dictionary of, Vol. 8, 1900-1950, by Dennis E. Rhodes, 1956 1956-04
Anthoine Verard, Parisian Publisher 1485-1512, Prologues, Poems and Presentations, by Mary Beth Winn, 1997 2000-03
Antiquarian Book Trade, Dictionary for, Compiled by Menno Hertzberger, 1956 1956-03
Antiquarian Catalogues of Musical Interest, compiled by James Coover, 1988 1989-04
Antoine Augureau, Graveur de Lettres et Imprimeur Parisien, by Jeanne Veyrin-Forrer, 1957 1958-03
Apollo and Pegasus: An Enquiry into the Formation and Dispersal of a Renaissance Library, by Anthony Hobson, 1975 1976-04
Architectural Books in Early America, by Janice G. Schimmelman, 1999 2000-04
Are You Sitting Comfortably? The Book Jackets of Edward Bawden bu Russell & Skipwith, 2018 2018-04
Arents: The Arents collection of Books in Parts...a Complete Checklist by Sarah Augusta Dickson. 500 copies, 1957 1958-04
Aristophanes: Die Frösche, by Johann Gustav Droysen. 250 copies, 1962 1963-02
Art and the Scientist, by Geoffrey Lapage, 1961 1961-03
Art Collecting and Lineage in the Elizabethan Age: The Lumley Inventory. Facsimile, edited by Mark Evans, 2010 2010-04
Art de France II, 1962 1962-01
Art Nouveau Books in Britain, by John Russell Taylor, 1966 1967-01
Arte del Legatore e Doratore di Libri di René Martin Dudin, 1964 1965-03
Arthur Hugh Clough: A Descriptive Catalogue, Poetry, Prose....and Criticism, by Richard Gollin and others, 1968 1969-01
Arthur Rackham, by Fred Gettings, 1975 1976-04
Arthur Rackham, His Life and Work, by Derek Hudson, 1960 1961-02
Artist and the Book, 1860-1960, in W. Europe and the United States, compiled by Eleanor Garvey, 1961 1961-03
Arts and Crafts Book Covers, by Malcolm Haslam, 2012 2013-01
Aspects Inconnus et Meconnus de la Contrefaçon en Belgique, by Francois Godfroid, 1998 2005-02
Aspects of Authority and Graeco-Latin Script from the 6th Century BC to the 20th Century AD, by Stanley Morison, 1972 1973-02
Aspects of Book Culture in Early Modern England, by T.A. Birrell, 2013 2013-04
Association and Provenanced: Essays in Memory of Eric G. Stanley, Edited by Ed Potten & Toshiyuki Takamiya, 2018 2019-03
At First, All Went Well...& Other Brief Lives, Nicolas Barker, 2019 2019-04
Aubrey Beardsley, A Catalogue Raisonné, Linda Gertner Zatlin, Yale University Press, 2016 2018-01
Auguste Poulet-Malassis, Un Imprimeur sur le Gérard Oberlé, 1996 1996-04
Augustino da Siena: The 1568 Edition of his Writing Book, edited by Alfred Fairbank, 1975 1976-02
Austin Harrison and The English Review, by Martha S. Vogeler, 2008 2009-01

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