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Bibliography of the Foulis Press, by Philip Gaskell. 2nd edition, 450 copies, 1986 1987-01
Bibliography of the Kelmscott Press, by William S. Peterson, 1984 1985-02
Bibliography of the Most Important Books in English Relating to the Collecting of Engravings and Prints, by Howard Levis, 1974 1976-02
Bibliography of the Musical Works Published by ...John Walsh 1721-1766, by William C. Smith and C. Humphries, 1968 1970-01
Bibliography of the L.C. Rookmaaker, 1983 1991-04
Bibliography, Studies in, the University of Virginia, Five Volumes [1952] 1953-01
Bibliography, Studies in, Volume 11, edited by Fredson Bowers, 1958 1958-04
Bibliography, Studies in, Volume 12, edited by Fredson Bowers, 1959 1959-03
Bibliography, Studies in, Volume 13, edited by Fredson Bowers, 1960 1961-01
Bibliography, Studies in, Volume 14, edited by Fredson Bowers, 1961 1961-04
Bibliography, Studies in, Volume 15, edited by Fredson Bowers, 1962 1963-01
Bibliography, Studies In, Volume 16, edited by Fredson Bowers, 1963 1963-03
Bibliography, Studies in, Volume 17, edited by Fredson Bowers, 1964 1964-03
Bibliography, Studies in, Volume 18, 1965 1965-02
Bibliography, Studies in, Volume 7, edited by Fredson Bowers, 1955 1955-04
Bibliography, Studies in, Volume 9, edited by Fredson Bowers, 1957 1957-03
Bibliography: a Text-Book on Bibliography by David B. Boswell [1952] 1952-03
Bibliography: An Introduction to Historical Bibliography by Norman E. Binns, 1953 1953-04
Bibliography: History of a Tradition, by Luigi Balsamo, 1990 1992-04
Bibliography: Principles of Bibliographic Description by Fredson Bowers [1952] 1952-01
Bibliography: Robert Browning, 1830-1950, by Leslie Nathan Broughton and others, 1954 1954-04
Bibliomania: An Australian Book-Collector's Essays, by George Mackaness, 1965 1966-03
Bibliopola: Pictures and Texts About the Book Trade, by Sigfred Taubert. 2 Volumes, 1966 1967-01
Biblioteca Bolduaniana: A Renaissance Music Bibliography, by D.W. Krummel, 1972 1974-01
Biblioteca Casanatense, Legature Antiche e di Pregio sec. XIV-XVIII, Catalogo by Piccarda Quilici. 2 volumes, 1995 1997-02
Biblioteca Corviniana: The Library of King Matthias Corvinus of Hungary, [by Csaba Csapodi], 1969 1971-02
Biblioteca Fictiva: A Collection...Relating to Literary Forgery, 400BC - AD 2000, by Arthur Freeman, 2014 2014-04
Biblioteca Gastronomica, compiled by André L. Simon, 1953 1953-02
Biblioteca Lindesiana,...of [the] 25th Earl of Crawford and [the] 26th Earl of Crawford, by Nicolas Barker, 1977 1978-04
Biblioteca Salma Salar: A Selection of Rare Charles B. Wood III, 2017 2018-04
Biblioteca Walleriana, Catalogue of, compiled by Hans Sallander, 2 vols, 1955 1956-02
Biblioteka Vol'Tera: Katalog Knig. Bibliothèque de Voltaire: Catalogue des Livres, ed. by Alekseev and Kopreeva], 1961 1961-04
Bibliotheca Americana Vetustissima, facsimile reprint 1958-60, 7 volumes 1961-03
Bibliotheca Barbadiensis: A Catalogue of Materials Relating to the Barbados 1650-1860 in the Boston Public Library, 1968 1970-04
Bibliotheca Nummaria: Bibliography of 16th Century Numismatic Books, by C[hristian] E[dmond] Dekesel, 1997 1999-02
Bidrag til H.C. Andersen's Bibliografi, by Dorothea Sasu-Ţimerman and Sv. Juel Møller. Volume IV, 1972 1974-03
Bidrag til H.C. Andersen's Bibliografi, by Sv. Juel Møller. Volume III, 1970 1971-04
Bidrag til H.C. Andersens Bibliografi, by Sv. Juel Møller, 1966 1967-04
Bidrag til H.C. Andersens Bibliografi,Volume II, by Sv. Juel Møller, 1968 1969-04
Binding and Repairing Books by Hand, by David Muir, 1978 1978-04

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