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Australia: The Engravers of Van Diemen's Land, by Clifford Craig. 1,000 copies, 1961 1962-02
Australian Book Collectors...of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, edited by Charles Stiltz, 2010 2011-03
Australian Literature: A Bibliography to 1938 by E. Morris Miller, Extended to 1950, 1956 1957-01
Authentic English Editions of Beethoven, by Alan Tyson, 1963 1964-01
B.H.Newdigate, Scholar-Printer, 1869-1944, by Joseph Thorp, n.d. 1951-02
Bartolin, Thomas: On The Burning of his Library and on Medical Travel, translated by C. O'Malley, 1961 1962-01
Basileon: A Magazine of King's College, Cambridge, 1900-1914, 1974 1976-04
Be Merry and Wise: Origins of Children's Book Publishing in England, 1650-1850, by Brian Alderson and Felix de Marez Oyens, 2006 2008-01
Belle[s] Lettres of the United States of America in German Translations, by Richard Mummendey. 400 copies, 1961 1962-03
Benjamin Franklin, Writer and Printer, by James Green and Peter Stallybras, 2006 2007-03
Benjamin Martin's Scientific Instrument Catalogues, 1756-1782, by John Millburn, 1986 1987-03
Benjamin Martin: Author, Instrument-Maker and 'Country Showman', by John Millburn, 1976 1978-02
Benson: John Howard Benson and His Work 1901-1956, by Philip Hofer. 625 copies, 1957 1957-04
Bernard Salomon Illustrateur Lyonnais, by Peter Sharratt, 2005 2006-02
Between France and Flanders: Manuscript Illumination in Amiens, by Susie Nash, 1999 2001-04
Beyond Market Value: A Memoir of Book Collecting…by Annette Campbell-White 2019 2020-02
Bibliofilia IV, [Valencia] 1951-02
Bibliofilia Subalpina, edited by Francesco Malaguzzi, 2008 2009-02
Bibliofilia V, Valencia, 1951 1952-01
Bibliografia della Letteratura Italiana sull' Ape e sui Miele, by Marco Accorti, 2000 2002-04
Bibliografia della Miniatura, by Lamberto Donati. 2 volumes, 1972 1977-02
Bibliografiya Sovetskoy Bibliografii, 1959 1962-01
Bibliographical Introduction to Seventy-Five Modern American Authors, compiled by Gary M. Lepper, 1976 1979-03
Bibliographie des Impressions Espagnoles des Pays-Bas Meridionaux, by Jean Peeters-Fontainas, 2 volumes, 1965 1965-04
Bibliographie des Ouvrages Érotiques Publiés Clandestinement en Français Entre 1880 et 1920, by Jean-PIerre Dutel, 2002 2003-02
Bibliographie Deutscher Schreibmeisterbücher von Neudörffer bis 1800, by Werner Doede, 1959 1960-01
Bibliographie Normande...des Ouvrages Imprimés à Caen à Rouen au Seizième Siècle, Fascicule 7, 1985 1992-01
Bibliographies: Subject and National, by R.L. Collison 1951-04
Bibliography and Textual Criticism, by Fredson Bowers, 1964 1965-01
Bibliography and The Sociology of Texts, by D.F. McKenzie, 1986 1987-03
Bibliography of Bookkeeping, by Cosmo Gordon, 2nd imp. 1937 1948-07
Bibliography of Claude-François Menestrier: Printed Editions, 1655-1765, by Alison Adams and others, 2012 2014-02
Bibliography of English Corantos and Periodical Newsbooks 1620-42, by Folke Dahl, 1952 1953-01
Bibliography of French Emblem Books of the 16th and 17th Centuries, by Alison Adams and others. Volume 1, A-K, 1999 2003-01
Bibliography of French Emblem Books of the 16th and 17th Centuries, by Alison Adams and others. Volume 2, L-Z, 2002 2003-01
Bibliography of Sir William Petty and of John Graunt, by Sir Geoffrey Keynes, 1971 1972-01
Bibliography of Terrestrial, Maritime and Celestial Atlases and Pilot Books...the Netherlands up to 1880. 2 Volumes, [1968 and 1969] 1970-02
Bibliography of Texas, 1795-1845, by Thomas W. Streeter. Part III, Two Volumes. 600 copies, 1960 1961-02
Bibliography of the English Printed Drama to the Restoration. By W.W. Greg,, Vol III, 1957 1959-02
Bibliography of The Foulis Press, by Philip Gaskell, 1964 1964-04

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